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If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll see that I began a little side project a few months ago. The project: trying to live Ben Franklin’s list of 13 Virtues, one virtue, one month at a time. (You can read more about each virtue at:

Why this project? I happen to admire the man – plus I’m on a constant quest for self-improvement.

Ben Franklin was the same way. He would practice one of his virtues every week and then log his results. I’ve been going through the virtues and recording my mine right here on my blog (I am sure Ben would be a prolific blogger if he was still around today).

I just finished Month Five: Frugality.

Here’s what happened:

Ben describes Frugality as: “Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself; i.e., waste nothing.”

This month was easy for me. Almost too easy.


It’s because thriftiness comes naturally for me. Always has. I grew up without a lot of money – and with parents who were fiscally irresponsible. Which meant I had a choice: follow suit or change my course so that I don’t end up in the same boat.

That doesn’t mean that I never made financial mistakes in my life. I have. But I’ve learned.

But as I’ve moved through those lessons, I’ve evolved my relationship with money + debt. And I’ve discovered something: I prefer a debt-free life. This is what I’ve been working towards.

I’m almost there.

My credit card will be paid in full next month. And the house? I’m about two years away from paying it off…fifteen years early.

I am frugal to the core. In fact, last year I set up a budget which not only allowed me to make enormous strides to my debt-pay-off goals, but I’ve also put money aside and invested in some big business purchases without using my credit card once.

Last month, I doubled down on food waste. I love to cook fresh every day, which sometimes leads to a bit of wastefulness. Not so in January! Every thing got used up. Leftovers were my jam. (I’m a pretty good cook so even the leftovers got fancy-pants…no one complained.)

So yeah. Frugality. Piece of cake!

What I learned:

A little fiscal discipline is the path to freedom.

How I intend to carry this virtue forward into the rest of my life:

Simple. Keep on paying down debt. Mindful spending. Less consumerism. Using stuff up. Saving money. Even writing this makes my heart happy.

Frugality & Tarot – your affirmation for the month:

I am secure.

four of pentacles ben franklin

What about you?

How do you feel about frugality? Is it time to change your relationship to money, budgets, savings, and waste?

What might that look like for you? Where – and when – will you begin?

bigstock-Benjamin-Franklin-hand-on-hip-21364109If you’d like to join me as I continue my journey through Ben Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues, feel free! This month (February) I am tackling Industry. No, that does not mean I’m opening a factory. Industry is about being productive – which means not wasting time. If you know me by now…you know Imma ‘bout to ace that one too. Ben is going to be so proud!

I hope you’re enjoying my journey through the Thirteen Virtues.

Here’s a quote from B-Franklin to get you thinking about money:

“Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt.”

I prefer to go to bed with a full belly (preferably a luxe meal) but that doesn’t mean I need to put it on my credit card. Being frugal doesn’t mean you can’t live well. I have found that one can do both. So pay it down and live well, my frugal friends.


A gorgeous silhouette after a perfect French dinner.

Other stuff:

I loved talking about tarot and intuition with Alana Sheeren.  Listen in!

Suffragette Nursery Rhymes might be my new favorite thing.

What happens when Planned Parenthood gets defunded?  More babies born to low-income women. How is this progress?

Beth Maiden wrote a fab post on how to use oracle cards with tarot – or without.

It’s almost Girl Scout Cookie time!  Here’s how to pair ’em with wine.  Ha!

All I want for Valentines Day is a craft candy bar.  DAMN.  Liddabits, please move next door.

Someone needs to hire an editor.  Snicker.

We’ve got a New Moon on Monday.  Here’s some great advice from Gala Darling on how to rock that New Moon out.  And here’s a Duran Duran song to listen to while you read that.

Speaking of Duran Duran, John Taylor’s daughter is a smoking hot model.  Not surprising. (PS: I was always a Nick Rhodes girl myself.)

Ethony Tarot just launched a series of videos on how to get your tarot business started.

Charles M. Blow wrote this interesting piece: White America’s “Broken Heart”.

Spiritual Mean Girls. (I know exactly what Stephanie Watanabe is talking about in this post.)

Must see: an ancient (and horny) spider.

Fave post of the week: We can change from Alexandra Franzen.

My husband and I fight about deodorant all the time.  (I’m pro, he’s anti.)  Is it bad for you?

Ha: the simple trick that will change the way you shop at Trader Joe’s forever.  I can’t stand that store by the way.

Heartwarming: a woman reunites with the daughter she was forced to give up – 82 YEARS AGO.

If you love cats and oracles, you NEED to check out this: Spirit Cats from artist Nicole Piar.  It’s so cute I can barely stand it!

What was David Bowie doing at your age? Find out here.

I love Hilary’s post on meditation.

Wisdom: 9 steps to reinvent yourself from Debra Smouse.

Confession: I have a soft spot for Gwyneth Paltrow.  I’m keeping an eye on this upcoming book: It’s All Easy: Delicious Weekday Recipes for the Super-Busy Home Cook

This book looks JUICY: This Is Woman’s Work: Calling Forth Your Inner Council of Wise, Brave, Crazy, Rebellious, Loving, Luminous Selves

Every woman needs a copy of this book from Violet Blue: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online

I’ve been blessed with thick, well arched brows (and never over plucked ’em like my mom). I’ve been obsessing over brow products lately: Maybelline New York Eyestudio Brow Drama Pomade Crayon Eye Color, Blonde, 0.04 Fluid Ounce

Rose scented candles are perfect for Valentiine’s Day: Diptyque Roses Candle-6.5 oz.

Note to self: you do not need another cookbook. Stop looking at this: Seriously Delish: 150 Recipes for People Who Totally Love Food

This little mushroom speaker is as cute as can be: UNIWENT Mini Cute Mushrooms Style Bluetooth Speaker with Suction Cup for iPhone iPad Samsung HTC Sony Red

What I’m Grateful For:


My iPhone

Lana Del Rey playing in the background

Truthbombs from Danielle LaPorte

Silky lotion on my feet

A good book to read at night

New eye glasses so I can read that book


Soundtrack for 2/6/16: It’s All About The Benjamins – Puff Daddy ft. The Notorious Big, The LOX & Lil Kim



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

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Mad Hookups – February 2016

by Theresa Reed on February 4, 2016

mad hookups for tarotpreneurs

Got a tarot business or trying to get one started?  Wondering how to maximize your potential without killing yourself (or spending a fortune)?  Looking for info that will actually help you elevate your biz?  I’ve got the Mad Hookups for tarotpreneurs and aspiring tarot pros.  Whether you are new to the game or an old hat, check out my latest recommended posts ‘n classes ‘n tools just for you:

Dreadlock Tarot has been knocking it out of the park lately with some smart tarot business posts such as: Do’s and Don’ts of Business Jealousy.

Sarah Von Bargen is a consistent source of business brilliance: How to create an online space that will totally alter your business and life.

YES to this from The Middle Finger Project: Sometimes in Business, You Need to Do You.

If you had to start your business over again from scratch, what would you do differently?  Nathalie Lussier shares what she’d change.

Want to get started on webinars? Amy Porterfield has training for you.

The 3 R’s of Marketing your Tarot Business from Christiana Gaudet.  A MUST read!

How to avoid client regret – the 9 specific signs that you should pass on work from Olyvia of Be Delightful Online.  <- #3 an #9 especially!

Much of tarot work is helping people.  Here’s Danielle LaPorte’s wise take on easing someone’s suffering.

How to do an honest assessment of where you are in your biz from one of my favorite people, Denise Duffield Thomas.

Susan Hyatt doesn’t put up with any guff.  She’s a great role model as a woman in business who doesn’t let haters ruin her swerve.

9 Steps to Be a Thought Leader – and Become a Media Darling from PR whiz Susan Harrow.

Fave biz post of the month from Melissa Cassera: The ultimate prize.

Is your business really ready for growth?  Racheal Cook shows you what to look for.

Need a website for your tarot biz?  Tarot reader + web designer Beth Maiden may be able to help you out.

Did you miss this?  Advice from 22 Tarot Pros.

If you want to be a better public speaker, check out Tricia Karp’s post: 30 things nobody tells you about powerful speaking.

Social Media Slant wrote a great post on how to deal with content thieves.

Someone just asked me this “should you use your name as your brand?” I like Christine Tremoulet’s take on why you should.

Jenny Shih on the 4 lies every new business owner tells themselves.

Loving this from Karina Ladet: 5 Powerful Ways to Receive More Support in Your Business.

When your inner critic is a jerk – compassionate techniques from Chris Zydel.

Financial therapist Bari Tessler wrote a great post on money koans.  If you struggle with money, this is one to read.

I LOVE this post from Téa Silvestre: Tipping Sacred Marketing Cows.  DEFO do not miss this one!  (PS Téa will be on Talking Shop this month!)

Shenee Howard breaks down how she fixes her clients sales pages (GREAT tips for you if you’re tarotpreneur who struggles with this).


HOT TIP:  Trust your gut when it comes to clients.  If you have a feeling that a client isn’t a good fit, don’t ignore that little voice.  Remember –  you do not have to serve everyone that comes to your door.  Feel free to take a pass if they don’t pass your smell test.

Newsletters to read: if you are like most tarotpreneurs, you may struggle with money mindset issues. Enter Denise Duffield Thomas of Lucky Bitch.  I never miss her emails!  (PS she’s made a huge difference in my ability to manifest.)

Listen up: every month, I’m bringing some highly useful podcasts for mystical business owners with my very fine co-host, Bri Saussy, at Talking Shop.  Don’t miss this month – we’re going to be talking with Téa Silvestre on storytelling and intuition for business. Previous shows are always in the archive.

On my beside reading stack: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown. This book, while not a business book, will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone.  Because courage is essential for tarotpreneurs or anyone who runs a business!

Don’t forget: I have sweet little business ebooks just for you.  At only $15 a pop, these gems will give your mystical biz a mega boost.  Check out the ala carte biz goodness at Professional Mystic’s Guides. Also: you can pick my business brain any time you like with my (inexpensive) and speedy email business mentoring service.

My mega-cool list of Business Resources for Tarotpreneurs and Mystical Entrepreneurs.  All for you, my friends.

Go on and succeed wildly, hot stepper!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

Got a Mad Hookup I need to know about?  Shoot me an email and let me take a gander, homeslice. 

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