What I pack for tarot conferences

by Theresa Reed on April 23, 2014

 What I pack for tarot conferences

I love going to tarot conferences.  It’s a great way to meet my peers ‘n peeps, get the skinny on new products, and polish up my mad tarot skillz.

So what do I pack to make my experience balla-tastic? This is my must have list:

Workhorse tarot deck – I never take my beloved Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot because I don’t want to risk losing or destroying it.  Instead, a sturdy Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot works great.  It’s easily replaceable and stands up to many hands handling it.  A mini deck is a nice thing to bring as well.  (This year, I brought along The Gilded Tarot Deck - it’s gorgeous and reads well.)

Allergy meds and aspirin – I’m super allergic and prone to headaches so I never travel without my meds.  I cannot do tarot if my brain is foggy or wracked with pain.  I also grab some throat logenzes because I have a tendency towards laryngitis.

Notebooks for taking in info.

Electronics - Cell phone, laptop, iPad.  Yes, I bring all three so that I can Tweet, share pictures on Instagram, blog, stay in contact with clients and take notes or record sessions that are important to me.  (Do not forget your chargers for your devices!)

Business cards – For networking and exchanging info.

Quintessence Serapis Bey 25ml or some other “vibe cleansing” solution because energy gets whacked from  swimming around all that intuitive mojo.

Camera – To capture fave moments and grab some fly photos for my blog.  This year, I’m going to rely more on my iPhone and see how that works.

Corkscrew for late night wine rendezvous.  (You never know.)

Comfortable shoes and a sweater.  I also pack an umbrella because I ain’t gonna let a little rain ruin my daily walk.

Vitamins, EmergenC, and Starbucks Refreshers mix -  Gotta stay healthy and jacked up for all that tarot goodness.

Yoga mat – I never go out of town without it.  A good yoga practice in the morning keeps me fit, present. and relaxed.

Tea – I always bring my own supply of green and white teas because buying tea at the hotel is a waste of money and the quality isn’t always as good.

Square Up – I bring my mobile payment device just in case a client doesn’t carry cash. 

Extra strength deodorant – Because I despise sweating and like to keep my killa cool.

My retainer and carrying case – Even a tarot thug has to sleep with apparatus to keep her grill straight.  

Good sunglasses – my eyes are light sensitive so this is a must if I plan on hitting the town in the day.

Reading material – I must have something to read when I’m on the road. I always pack one magazine, one book, and a whole lotta stuff on the iPad.  (The iPad has revolutionized my travels by making my bags lighter!)

Fun jewelry – A gal needs a little bling, yo.

Earbuds – Just in case I want to watch a little Game of Thrones or listen to some Rich Homie Quan and don’t want to disturb my neighbors.

Power strip – I have a lot of gadgets and need a lot of plugs.  My power strip is pink leopard print in case you must know.

Projector – If I am doing a presentation that requires slides, I bring my own equipment.  This way, I am sure it works with my stuff.  Plus, that’s one less thing the conference organizers need to worry about.  I use an Epson: Epson VS230 SVGA 3LCD Projector, 2800 color lumens, 2800 white lumens (V11H552220)

And of course, my clothes and toiletries but I won’t bore you with that jazz.  

Sounds like a lot, right?  Believe it or not, I can get this all locked down to one suitcase and a small carry on.  This list keeps me happy and able to work or play comfortably while on the go.  



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014


Here’s a list of some of the tarot conferences you may want to check out:

This list is by no means complete – search the web and you may just find one in your corner of the world. 

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Tarot Card by Card – Page of Swords

by Theresa Reed on April 20, 2014

Join me each week for “Tarot Card by Card” as we go through each card individually with fresh interpretations and a sucka free approach.  Learn to read tarot in a fun, irreverent, modern way.

Page of Swords

Keywords: defense, truth, legal, sharp thinking, spirited and willful child, new ideas

General meaning:  Important news may be coming your way.  Prepare to hear the truth.   If you are seeking the facts in any situation, stand strong and continue to push forward.  The truth is at hand.  Situations may demand sharp, critical thinking.  You may find yourself needing to defend your thoughts or ideas.  Mounting a legal defense. A need for an attorney to look things over. This card can indicate new ideas or new ways of thinking.  It can also represent a strong willed and spunky child who will keep you on your toes.  Making an oath. Truth seekers. 

Reversed:  A shaky defense – or an overly defensive posture.  Lack of logic.  Viciousness and cruelty.  Not facing the facts.  A weak argument.  Legal or tax issues.  Being unable or unwilling to speak the truth.  Cowardly actions.  Foggy thinking.  Stealing someone else’s ideas.  A bratty, rebellious child.  Temper tantrums.  Bad news. Breaking vows.  Getting revenge.  Vindictiveness. 

Affirmation: Truth is my weapon.

Theme song: Policy Of Truth by Depeche Mode

Journaling prompt:  Think of a time when you needed to speak your truth.  Journal about that experience.  Was it scary?  Were you believed?  What advice would you give someone else in the same situation?


Spit dat truth

And strike a pose

Defend yo self

Against dose foes

Ideas be big

And word is bond

Watch yo back

Don’t be pawned

Think on yo feet

You gots to be sharp

Others be fakin’

You know dats warp

A playa stands tall

And uses dat sword

Sometimes that be

Just your word.


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014


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