The Hit List – The Best Things I Ever Taught My Son

by Theresa Reed on April 18, 2015

best things I ever taught my son

Last night, I dreamt of my mother.  She’s been gone almost a decade now.  Wow.  It seems like only yesterday she was on the phone with me, gossiping about some of the usual family drama.  Although we had our ups and downs, we talked every day.  Sometimes three times a day.

I’m like that with my children.  I like to check in with them and make sure they are doing okay.  Every. Single. Day.

Even though they are grown adults, a mom still worries.

I shouldn’t worry about my son though.  He’s a capable adult and doing quite well at this stage in his life.  In fact, both my kids are making their momma proud and choosing to be industrious, responsible adults.  Is that good luck, good genes, fortunate astrology aspects or simply being raised right?  It might be a combination of all four.  But really: a lot has to do with personal responsibility and that lesson begins at home.

Last week, I asked my daughter what she thought were the top five “mom” lessons and this week, I asked my son.  Here’s what he shared with me:

  1. Always stick to your ethics, in business and in personal life.  That means being honest, even if it makes you unpopular.  Find your moral code, your truth, and stick with it.  Do not be afraid to stand up for your beliefs – or your self.
  2. Treat women with respect, period.  (My son is very sensitive to women’s feelings and also knows how to be a friend with women.)
  3. Accountability and Transparency.  Always take responsibility for your fuck-ups and never try to be someone or something you’re not.  Man up and stand up.
  4. Financial responsibility. (Both my kids remarked that this might be the most important lesson.  I’m very fiscally conservative and manage my money like a hawk.)  He who controls his money controls his world.  Be an entrepreneur and practice fiscal intelligence. Low debt load, live below your means, keep an eye on your investments. Always strive to be financially independent. (Living on mommy’s couch is SO not an option here!)
  5. Open mindedness and understanding towards society at large: different culture, different cuisines, lifestyles, and other people’s struggles. (I’m a bleeding heart and social injustice, discrimination, and class warfare are hot topics around our house.)

Honorable Mentions (yes, he had more than five):

Boss Up!  Live within your means but live WELL.  That means quality over quantity.  And excellent food. ALWAYS excellent food.

Have a sense of humor.  Laughter is vital for a happy, content life.  Learning to laugh things off helps to let go.

My son is one of the funniest, most responsible young men I know  – and one of the best decisions I ever made. (Psst…I learn stuff from him every day.  He’s my little living Buddha.)

What lessons are you teaching your children?

the best lessons i ever taught my son

Recent mother/son pic.

Other stuff:

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Advice I will be taking soon from Yes and Yes: How to Give People a Watered Down, Exhausted  Version of Yourself.  Time off and trimming back – it’s going to get real here.

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How to protect your ATM code from ne’er do wells.

Dr. Suzanne Gelb just released this: The Life Guide On Aging with Grace, Strength, and Self-Love. Definitely worth checking out!

Little Fox Tarot is exploring the Court Cards and Game of Thrones.  This week, The Lannisters!  (My boy Jaime is the Knight of Swords.)

Wonder how Flo became Flo?  Here ya go.  Now you know.

“The stumbler doesn’t build her life by being better than others, but by being better than she used to be.” Beautiful words from David Brooks.  Read his compelling post, The Moral Bucket List.

Are women in their 50’s the best women for men to date?  One man’s thoughts.

Mars and Venus? Apparently men and women DO order differently in restaurants.

Why does this man have the floor in his apartment covered in bread?  Must watch.

I always love reading books on fashion and how to dress.  If only I could actually manage to do something about my own ways.  This book by Alison Freer might help: How to Get Dressed: A Costume Designer’s Secrets for Making Your Clothes Look, Fit, and Feel Amazing

Loading up my iPad with these e-books for my upcoming trip: Every Time I Diet I Gain Five Pounds: Step Into Your True Self And Shed Your Baggage, Three Guys Walk Into A Bar: How To Thrive As A Creative Business.

This looks like a good read too: Soul Vows: Gathering the Presence of the Divine In You, Through You, and As You from Janet Conner.  On my wish list!

Also on my wish list: Miracles Now: Inspirational Affirmations and Life-Changing Tools from Gabrielle Bernstein.


What I’m Grateful For:

A wonderful son

Dinner with my wonderful son

A strong, healthy body


A trip to New York, one of my favorite places in the world to be


Soundtrack for 4/18/15: I by Kendrick Lamar

Groove on,

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Can a negative tarot card ever be positive?

by Theresa Reed on April 16, 2015

biggest tarot questions answered

From time to time, I’ll be answering some of your biggest, gnarliest (and most common) questions about tarot.  

Today’s question: Can a negative tarot card like the Ten of Swords ever be positive?


A few things to consider:

  1. In some of these “frightening” images, we can see that there are glimpses of hope.  For example, in that Ten of Swords card, there is a sunrise in the background.  This can be interpreted as a new day coming after a painful ending.  In a card such as the Devil, we might notice that the chains in the figures are loose – a sign that they can find a way out of their predicament.
  2. It’s all about the context.  For example, if you are looking to dump a job, the Three of Swords might be a sign that you are leaving.
  3. In some cases, a “negative card” might be the reality check or warning that the querent needs to hear.  Seeing a potentially disastrous outcome might give them an incentive to make better choices.  Tarot as preventative medicine?  Hell yeah!

I’d like to add this: although “scary” cards can be unsettling to see in a tarot reading, life is not always peaches and cream and kittens (although I wish it was).  Difficulty, heartbreak, and loss can be great teachers.  No matter what happens in a tarot reading – or in our lives – what we do with that is all that matters.



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image from stock photography

Wanna learn to read tarot cards? Enter your email below and get your free Tarot Card by Card manual plus the Rookie To Reader e-course. These simple, super-fun lessons will get you reading tarot...even if you've never picked up a deck before!

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