Tarot Tip 3/3/15

by Theresa Reed on March 3, 2015

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soul proprietor

A few years ago, I sat down for dinner with a group of dynamic entrepreneurs who were excited to talk about business.

And we did.

But it wasn’t brainstorming or high fives for good work.

The conversation got hijacked by two people who were frustrated with their lack of success and ready to dump on everyone else.  They seemed to want suggestions but every suggestion was met with whining, bitterness, and a whole lotta excuses.

It didn’t take long before the energy felt exhausting and I began looking for a way out.

I wasn’t the only one.

Sadly, that was a few years ago and I still see these same two people in the same space they were back then.  On occasion, they will talk about plans for big things that they are going to do…and nothing ever happens.

And there is always an excuse.

If you are going to be in business and hanging with other ambitious peeps, you’re going to need to leave those sob stories off the business table.

Rising tides do not lift all boats. In fact, when people come to anything with that energy, the tone never rises above.  It always sinks to the lowest common bummer denominator.  Soon, everyone feels like crap – or guilty for being successful.

Does that sound like you? If so, take a step back and ask yourself this: am I really cut out for this?

Be honest.

If your work is making you miserable and you are not able to make ends meet or you hate your clients, it  may be time to reevaluate your direction.  Sound harsh?

It’s realistic.

Anytime I’ve been in constant whine-mode over anything (work, romantic relationships, etc.) it became apparent that something needed to change.  Either I needed to shift my mindset and method of operation – or I needed to walk away.

In those cases, when I changed my thinking or ended the situation, everything lifted and shifted.

I took responsibility and made conscious decisions.  Decisions that made my business and life better.

As I always say: don’t be bitter, be better.

The next time you find yourself stuck on complaining, stop yourself.

Don’t bring everyone’s glitter down to the ground.

Instead, rise up to the challenge or look for your exit.

(I’m expecting you to shine, darling.)



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