How to Create “Tarot Card of the Day” Posts

by Theresa Reed on July 29, 2015

how to create tarot card of the day posts

Type in the word “tarot” on any social media platform and you’ll be greeted with tons of  Tarot Card of the Day posts in every format, language, and flavor.  From quick videos and tweets to detailed descriptions with full color pictures, there is something for every one.

Tarot Card of the Day posts are marvelous for the people and fans who are looking for some daily spiritual guidance – but they are also a good practice for tarot professionals or students.  Why?  A daily draw can help to sharpen your skills and build your tarot vocabulary – which is important for both newbies and the adept.  The more you do it, the faster and better you get.

Plus, it’s smart business because it gives potential clients a sample of your work so they can decide if you are the right reader for them.

You might be wondering how to go about doing this.  Before we talk about all the different formats, let me illustrate how I do my daily Tarot Card of the Day practice.

(FYI: This is the first thing I do in the morning after I brush my teeth.)

I need to do this in complete silence, so I get up early before anyone else to give me the silence I need to focus.  I sit quietly with my deck and begin shuffling. When it feels “right”, I stop and put the deck face down.  I cut it into three piles with my left hand and then put it back together.

tarot card for the day post shuffling

tarot card for the day cut the deck

Now, I pull the card from the top of the deck.

tarot card for the day post

I sit the card in front of my keyboard and take a moment to “feel” what it is saying to me that morning.

typing up my tarot card for the day post

I begin typing away in a stream of consciousness (info comes to me like a ticker tape once I tap into the energy of the card). When I feel like I’m “done” typing, I go back and clean up punctuation or spelling errors (there is almost always both because my stream of consciousness typing tends to be a hyper-fast verbal barrage!).

I post it across the different online spaces that I hang in.

I also make a quick Six Second Tarot video version of the same card for Vine and Instagram.  I use a JOBY JB01252-0EN GorillaPod Original – Flexible Camera Tripod for Point and Shoot Cameras – Fuchsia (pictured below) to hold my iPhone. This prevents my videos from being too shaky.  My usual set up is pictured below (crystal, the Card for the Day, a small candle, and a small plastic animal totem – preferably hippo).

how i make a tarot card for the day video

That’s it.

It takes me about fifteen minutes every morning.

Why so many mediums? Because I like to test them all out and see which ones I like best.  Plus my clients hang out in different spaces so I want to make sure to reach my peeps in the way that they prefer to receive the information.  (Yes, I pay attention to what my tribe tells me.)


How to post your Tarot Card of the Day on Twitter:

Click in the “status” box.

Indicate that this is your Card for the Day, list the card pulled, and add your interpretation.  Remember, Twitter limits you to 140 characters.  If you add a photo, you’re not going to have a lot of room!

Add a hashtag to make it searchable.  I use #tarot but you might also want to use #COTD or create one that is uniquely for your COTD posts.  Ex: #joestarot

I do recommend using full sentences/words because abbreviations + emojis could be confusing to some.


How to post your Tarot Card of the Day on Facebook or Google+:

Click in the “status” box.

Indicate that this is your Card for the Day, list the card pulled, and add your interpretation.  Unlike Twitter, you can leave nice, long interpretations if you like.

Click on the little camera icon on the bottom left of the box.  This will allow you to add a picture of the card.

Add a hashtag to make it searchable.

Click post or share.


How to post your Tarot Card of the Day on Instagram:

Open the app on your phone.

Click on the camera icon. This will open up your camera.  Choose camera or video option.  Take a picture of your card – or use the video feature to film the card and record your interpretation (for the video, you’ll need to keep your finger on the big red button until you are done recording).

Hit next.

Add a filter or other effects.  Hit next.

Add a hashtag to make it searchable.

Add your interpretation.  (I recommend adding a written interpretation to your audio/video recordings because some people prefer to read.)

Click on any other social media platforms you want to post to.

Click share.


How to post your Tarot Card of the Day on Tumblr:

Click on Text or Photo.

Add your interpretation + your photo.

Add a hashtag to make it searchable.

Click post.


How to post your Tarot Card of the Day video on Vine:

Open the app on your phone.

Click on the video icon. This will open up your camera.

Press on the video screen.  The recording will begin.

When you hit six seconds, they recording will stop automatically.  Vine only allows short, looping videos so keep that in mind.  You’ll have to be speedy with your interpretations!

Use the edit feature to clip and doctor your video if you’d like.

Add a caption.  I recommend this because some people do like to read it.

Add a hashtag to make it searchable.  You can also tag a location.

Hit next.

Click on other social media platforms where you might want to share your video.

Click share post.


How to post your Tarot Card of the Day on Periscope:

I have not had time to monkey around with Periscope yet but some brave tarot readers are over there!  (I DO plan on getting there eventually.)

Here are some posts on Periscope:

How to Create a Watchable Periscope Broadcast Your Viewers Will Love!

Periscope Tutorial – How to use Periscope!

5 Quick Tips for Using Periscope, Twitter’s New Live Video Streaming App


You can also post videos on YouTube.

I do not use YouTube for this purpose so here’s some information on how to upload your Tarot Card of the Day videos:

YouTube Tutorials – How to upload videos.


A few quick tips:

Find the format that is best for you.  If you’re a natural on camera, go with Periscope.  Prefer to write it out?  Facebook or Tumblr might be a great option.  Wanna be concise?  Hit up Vine or Twitter.

Make your Tarot Card of the Day posts unique to you!  Keep it simple – or add crystals, feathers, or other objects.  (I like to use little plastic animals in my Six Second Tarot videos. This reflects my playful nature.)

Get permission from deck creators.  That way you avoid any possible copyright infringement issues.  Most of the time, they will say yes because this is great exposure for them too!

Speak clearly in your videos.  A muddled voiceover will be problematic for your listeners.  I also recommend above that you should provide a written interpretation, even for the videos. This way, if a person has trouble understanding your voice or accent, speak a different language, or are hearing-impaired, they have an alternative way to understand your interpretation.

Write or speak in your own “voice”.  Be YOU, not a weak imitation of other people you admire.

Do use a tripod to steady your phone or camera.  I use JOBY JB01252-0EN GorillaPod Original – Flexible Camera Tripod for Point and Shoot Cameras – Fuchsia (pictured above).

Do not grab someone else’s Tarot Card of the Day and post it as your own.  EVER.  I caught a guy doing just that with my posts on his Facebook page!  If you like someone’s Tarot Card of the Day and want to repost it, by all means do – but give proper credit.

Practice good netiquette which means: do not add your interpretation or “correction” on someone else’s Tarot Card of the Day post unless they specifically say that they are asking for feedback or inviting you to share your interpretations.  Be respectful in someone else’s online space – especially if they are using it for their business. A better (and more polite) route: create your OWN Tarot Card of the Day page and post your interpretations there for your fans + friends.

Don’t like someone’s Card of the Day interpretation?  Find a reader you resonate with.  There are many to choose from!


Tips for tarot newbies:

Card for the Day pulls will help you become a tarot sharp-shooter.  I highly recommend this as part of your learning practice. Before you begin putting your interpretations on the web, you might want to start with journaling.  Once you begin building confidence, start using social media.  It’s fun and a great way to grow your abilities.

If you want to put something on the web, I recommend the shorter formats – this will force you to become more concise + faster on the draw.  Building up speed is great fun and nothing will help you better than Vine videos or Twitter in that regard.

Another tip: each month, pick a different tarot book and use the interpretations out of that book.  Switch off the next month. This will help build your tarot vocabulary. If you post this publicly, be sure to credit the author.  DO NOT use their interpretations publicly without credit.

If you ask for feedback, be prepared to get it.  That means taking the good with the not-so-helpful.  Learn to discern what information is helpful…and what is not.  Try not to take it personally if someone adds a rude comment to your post.  Let it go.  The ones who like your work will find their way to you and the others will move on.

Check out other Tarot Card of the Day posts – you can learn from your peers!


A few Tarot Card of the Day posts and peeps to check out:

Periscope videos can be found by following tarot people on Twitter and watching for LIVE on #Periscope :  I highly recommend following Al Juarez’s Periscope channel.  He’s very entertaining and a great reader!

On Vine – check out Intuitive Messenger’s thoughts for the day. They are not necessarily tarot but really great spiritual advice for every day!

On Instagram – Jen Cintrón , Hilary Parry, Shavonne ReadusTiferet Tarot, Chloe Tarot, Donnaleigh, Ashes And Wine Tarot, and Paige Zaferiou are killing it with their amazing draws and enlightening tarot (or Lenormand) posts!

On YouTube  – Roger the Tarot Dude and Maggie Moon Tarot are both making really nice videos!

On Google + – Joanna Ash is great!

These are just a few tarot peeps to check out but there are many, many more – and if you search around, you’ll be sure to find one you like (maybe even me!).

Happy Tarot Card of the Day-ing,


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

pictures from personal collection

featured deck: The Fountain Tarot

Hippo model: Mouthy

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If you’re wondering, “How do I convince past clients to hire me again — without being pushy or skeevy?” here’s a tipsheet to help you out.

For starters, you can…

1. Add a little note to your follow-up emails encouraging peeps to book additional sessions with you. (Ex: “It was great working with you today.  When you’re ready to book another appointment, you can easily set it up right here________”  )

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4. Just flat out ASK. Make an offer. “Hey, I really enjoy working with you. If you’d like to continue collaborating, here’s what we could do next…”

5. Make your digital products work for you too! Have a call-to-action at the end of your e-books and e-courses that encourages people to book an appointment or purchase other compatible products. (Ex: “If you enjoyed this book, The Professional Mystic’s Guide To Business Etiquette, you might want to explore the full collection of guidebooks in my Shop, including…”)

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7. Create multiple-session packages.  When a client books a series with you, you might offer a discounted rate or throw in a session for free.  (Think: season tickets for metaphysical work!  Ha!)

8. Take a cue from coffee shops + yoga studios: create a punch card that offers a discount on products, classes, or services after so many have been purchased.  (Ex: for every ten classes a client purchases, they get one free.)


At the end of the day, the best way to keep working with your favorite clients is to keep on giving them exceptional service.  When you show up 100% committed to giving them a great experience, they’ll continue to show up too.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

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