The Hit List – Bite sized advice

by Theresa Reed on August 30, 2014

itty bitty kitty

I love concise, little  things.  Including quick, clear answers to questions.  Often, a lengthy response is unnecessary.

Here’s some itty bitty advice to commonly asked questions:


How can I have a great marriage? Listen.  And forgive.  A lot.

How can I feel calmer? Do yoga.  Even a little helps.

What should I do when people are mean?  Be nicer. Set a good example.

How can I feel good? Exercise. Do something physical every day.

What diet should I follow? Eat well and eat what you enjoy – but be moderate.

What’s the secret to great skin?  Never, ever tan.  Use Paula’s Choice products.

How can I learn tarot?  Practice, practice, practice. (PS here are some free tarot tools just for you.)

How can I be a good parent?  Be supportive, have strong house rules but give them room to be themselves.

How can I connect to spirt in a stronger way?  Meditate.

Should I read my email first thing in the morning?  Up to you.  I do.

Should I get a pet?  Yes. Preferably, an itty bitty kitty.

How can I create lasting friendships?  Be honest and don’t be a drag. Don’t play games.

How can I form strong business relationships?  Treat people with respect.

How can I keep a clean house?  Join Fly Lady.

What should I cook tonight?  If you have 200 cookbooks like I do, you’ll never run out of ideas. (That’s how I roll!)

What’s your secret to a happy life?  You can choose to be happy no matter what.

Small can be mighty effective.


fall is coming

Fall is coming.

Other stuff:

Note to self: never read Game of Thrones spoilers.  Now I’m all worried about my Jaime.

According to white male with money, Bill O’Reilly, white privilege doesn’t exist.  Oh the irony.

Interesting read: 15 diseases doctors often get wrong.

Student scientists are working to create a nail polish that could prevent date rape.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need that?  Imagine a world where men knew how to be respectful.  I’d like that solution instead of having to rely on some nail polish to make sure I’m not slipped some drug by some asshole.

I love to sleep!  Am going to be following these tips on how to make the most comfortable bed ever!

What is an “outlaw Instagrammer” you ask?  Check out 17 year old Humza Deas.

Pace Smith has written a manifesto about one of the biggest obstacles stopping would-be entrepreneurs from getting started: the fear of becoming sleazy. It’s called “Warm and Businesslike,” and you can download your free copy here:

Blue eyed people have a single, common ancestor.  That means I’m related to my husband?  Shades of Game of Thrones over here.  Eww….

A quick little primer on fall vs. autumn from Grammar Girl.

I always thought “Amish Mafia” was fake as hell.  Apparently the real Amish aren’t happy with it either.

Check out this post on why black people and white people see cops differently.

James Altucher is always on point and super smart.  I’m loving 10 Things You Need to Know to Become a Great Leader.

Love this: Yoga helps a “crime weary” neighborhood.

I’m a big fan of Cassie Rodenberg’s work.  This haunting piece really got under my skin:  Mental Illness, Sexual Advances and What Women Face

If you want to learn tarot, you’ll want to get your ticket to the Reader’s Studio 2015 before they are sold out. This is the biggest, best tarot conference in the world – and next year, yours truly is gracing the main stage.  Come and play!

PS for tarot fans: I JUST released a brand new tarot e-book and e-course.  And they are FREE.  Get your tarot swag here: FREE.  (PS there was a wee bit of tech glitchiness the last two days but it should be all straight now.)

I am smitten with the cooking show, Extra Virgin.  I adore the hosts and everything they cook!  And voila – they have a cookbook: Extra Virgin: Recipes & Love from Our Tuscan Kitchen.  This is top ‘o my list of must-get cookbooks.


What I’m Grateful For:

Allegra (you’re saving my brain)

Learning about technology

Being calm in the midst of a lot of sadness

Letting go

Earnest communicators


The ability to send flowers anywhere in the world

Bite sized candy bars



Soundtrack for 8/30/14: Talking Heads – Burning Down the House – I’ve got big changes coming….




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Brand new tarot swag!

by Theresa Reed on August 28, 2014

tarot swag


After months of working behind the scenes like a little elf (or secretive High Priestess), I am ready to drop some brand new tarot swag just for you!

I’ve created a super phat (and fat – over 200 pages!) e-book: Tarot Card by Card.

This sweet e-book has all the Tarot Card by Card interpretations plus some solid tarot advice so you can begin learning how to read tarot.  (And it’s got some mad tarot rappin’ for those of you who need a little hip hop with your tarot like yours truly.)

But wait – I’m not done!

I’ve also lovingly put together a fifteen day e-course: Rookie to Reader.  This little gem will come into your inbox with some simple lessons that are sure to jump start your tarot skillz in no time at all!

If you’ve never picked up a tarot deck before – or even if you’re a salty old hand, I hope you’ll enjoy this new tarot shizzle.

And best of all: they are both TOTALLY FREE.

No hidden costs.  No surprise “upsell” to deal with.  NOTHING.  Just a free prize for my tarot lovin’ friends.

Want to get the goodies?  Easy – put your name and email in the opt-in box (on the upper right hand corner of this mighty fine site) and it arrives, pronto.  (PS I love easy, don’t you?)

You’ll also get my twice a month newsletter with monthly forecasts, classes, tarot card of the month, affirmations, special deals ‘n announcements and more!  You can subscribe at any time (no hard feelings – I still love ya!).

So are you ready to get your tarot swag?

Whatcha waiting for?

Sign up and let’s get those goodies in your hands now, mate.



PS if you are already on my list, you’ll be added later over the next few days.  Can’t wait?  You know what to do.  Get yer name and email in that box, yo.

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