what to do when your client docket is not super full yet time management

When you’re booked solid, it can sometimes be easier to stay focused and be super productive. You’ve got appointments to keep, deadlines to hit. Your day has a clearly defined “shape.” It’s all rolling!

But what about when you don’t have many bookings yet? All that “open space” on the calendar can feel overwhelming… and lead to a lot of unfocused time and Netflix bingeing.

What are some smart things that biz owners can do with all of that free time? Do some of these smart moves and make that free time your bitch:

Write. Get a month’s worth of blog posts and newsletter cued up. Finish that e-book or new opt-in product you’ve always been thinking of creating.

Network.  Meet and greet your colleagues and potential clients – online or in person.  Attend a networking or industry event.  Networking can be fun and may lead to some fabulous opportunities!

Take a class. Lagging in marketing skills?  Wish you could understand html?  Taking a class to polish up your skills or learn a new one is a smart use of your time.  You can find useful classes both over the internet or locally.

Test out new social media platforms.  Curious about tumblr or Instagram?  A little down time is the right time to check them out and see if they are appropriate for your business.  (Warning: it’s easy to get lost down the Pinterest hole!)

Reach out for guest blogging opportunities.  Better yet: seek out the kind that may lead you to whole new audiences!  Example: you’re a yoga teacher and you might want to share your ayurvedic recipes with a clean eating blog.  Think outside the box and reach outside your usual comfort zone.

Create new products – and then beta test them.  Whether you are making an e-course or a series of classes, get them perfected with a select group of testers.  The feedback you get will help you to make sure the product is ready to ship + air-tight.  (This is one of my favorite uses of my precious free time.)

Use your time well and your client docket will fill.

“It’s what you do in your free time that will set you free—or enslave you.” ~ Jarod Kintz



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Tarot by the Mouthful – The Emperor

by Theresa Reed on April 26, 2015

Tarot by the Mouthful Theresa Reed and Kyle Cherek

Kyle is a foodie who loves Tarot. Theresa is a Tarot reader who loves food. 

Together, we host Tarot by the Mouthful: a mouthwatering, multi-media culinary tour through the world of Tarot. 

Sublime recipes. Soulful stories. Essays, videos, interviews and delicious surprises. 

Join us every Sunday for a new installment — and get ready to sip, slurp, crunch and savor your way through the entire Tarot deck! 

This week: The Emperor

tarot by the mouthful the emperor

The Emperor – This powerhouse represents authority and commands respect.  He sits in his throne with a posture that says: “I am in control.” His white beard indicates the maturity that comes after experience.  The mountain is behind him and he has earned his position.  In what places or ways are you an authority?  What are you ready to claim after all the hard work you’ve been doing?

This week, we’re speaking with two authorities about…authority, tarot and food.

Mary Greer: when I think of a tarot authority, Mary Greer is the first person to come to mind.  Her works on tarot have inspired and educated so many tarot fanatics like myself.  She has a fabulous knowledge of tarot history but she’s also one of the few who really does bring new and useable information to the tarot world.  Mary talks about what it means to be an authority in tarot and her favorite thing to eat.



Mary Greer reading Lenormand cards

Kyle Cherek: when I first conceived this project, I already knew I would interview Kyle Cherek about The Emperor.  He’s the  most enthusiastic and knowledgeable food person I know so it was an obvious choice for me.  Little did I know that he’d be excited enough to participate regularly with me! Here’s Kyle’s take on what it means to be a food authority and what his favorite tarot card is.


Kyle Cherek_0_0

Bon appetit!

Theresa and Kyle

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Tarot Tip 4/14/15

April 14, 2015

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