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Ever have this experience: someone who is a few years older speaks to you in an all-knowing patronizing voice even though you’re a grown adult? I had a sour encounter like that recently. A woman that I barely know decided to assert herself into a conversation and made a point to talk down to me in front of my peers. She’s a few years older than me and wanted me to know that she has so much more life experience than I do because she’s a “woman of a certain age.” <Insert sarcastic hand clapping here.>

My younger mean girl self would have torn this boor to shreds with a few well-chosen swipes. Instead, I made my point, watched her try once again to speak down to me, and decided to dismiss her. Some people aren’t worth the trouble.

Talking down to someone younger than yourself is a way to dominate and diminish. It’s the verbal tool of the insecure and the insincere. The pat on the head, “go be a good girl while the adults talk” and “you’ll understand when you’re my age” vibe that so many wannabe authorities like to use to throw their weight around.

Sometimes there are other underlying tones such as sexism or racism. Just this past week, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez schooled an older colleague who spoke to her in a demeaning way. Her legendary smackdown won accolades from women who’ve experienced that same thing. Will that change him? I’m not sure. Doubt it.

Because sometimes people really do get set in their ways. They assume they know it all because they’ve “been there” and “done that.” Why even attempt to grow or to learn from the younger set? 

I dunno what to say to that but I know that I learn from my children and younger peers all the time. They have experiences that I don’t and I am grateful every time they share their wisdom. I never expect that I’m more worldly and wise just because I have a halo of gray framing my face. My age and experience do not negate theirs. 

While it’s great to respect elders, it’s important that we don’t assume that someone who’s a few (or many) years behind us are lacking knowledge. Sometimes the wisest thing you can do is put your own life experience to the side and just listen without waiting to respond. You might learn something. As the saying goes “you can teach an old dog new tricks.” 

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August 30, 2020: Brushes and Stars. Where: online. A full-day of astrology and intuitive painting – and fun! Join me and Chris Zydel for a joyful, astrology-inspired intuitive painting experience. We begin exploring intuition, followed by examining your natal chart. From there, it’s time to paint your interpretation of your chart! Group insights follow.

May 2-8, 2021: The Tuscany Tarot Intensive. Where: Italy! A full week of tarot immersion. Due to the Coronavirus, we moved the event to next year. Good news: the dates allow for a few extra seats which means you can join us next year! Yay!


What I’m Grateful For:


Croissants with ham and swiss

New opportunities

Hearing the word “yes”

Mutual respect

New tarot decks


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Black Magic Hour by Jidenna, Bullish


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