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My travels have been far and few since Covid arrived. Before that time, I crisscrossed the country for tarot conferences, teaching gigs, and book signings. But then…nada. In fact, I found myself scared to go anywhere for the first time in my life. I became a recluse.

Of all the places I used to visit, New York was the one I missed the most. I always say it’s my playground, but frankly, it’s the only place in the world where I feel truly like myself. Giving that up for almost four years was not easy. I pined for it constantly, even while I feared getting on a plane. Instead of my usual free-spirited approach to travel, I waited for a sign.

The signs I needed came in my dreams. I saw myself back in the city, moving through the crowds like a gazelle, unbothered and safe.

So, for my latest book tour, I took the nudge from the Universe and bought a ticket. It was time to sign books in the Big Apple! I’m still cautious about Covid because I live with someone who is immune-compromised.

Instead, I took a train, which meant 24 hours of travel before reaching my destination. A hassle? Perhaps you might assume so. But instead, I had peace of mind with my own little room where I could sequester myself away like a squirrel in a tree. In fact, I found this way of traveling to be relaxing.

Once I arrived in New York, it was like I never left. I had heard stories about how things had “changed,” and the crime was “so bad.” For folks who didn’t live there in the 80’s, perhaps it might feel dicey. But I did inhabit the city during grittier times, so I didn’t see anything alarming. Instead, New York was exactly as I remembered, although some of my old haunts had moved or closed.

My book signing was the biggest and best I’ve ever experienced. New York came out for me. I felt loved.

As I meandered around the East Village on Sunday, I ran into the sign in the photo above. This felt like a “welcome home.” Or, at the very least, a wink and a nod from the city, reminding me that I was exactly where I was always meant to be.



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