The Hit List - Good practices for tarot readers in the times of uncertainty

This is an unsettling and anxious time for so many. Everything seems so uncertain – and folks are looking for a guarantee. During times like this, intuitive workers see a spike in business. Which you might assume is a good thing until you consider a virus is spreading rapidly – and this can impact service providers from any industry.

Recently, Virtue Centered Tarot posted a thread on Twitter that caught my eye. He started out with this: “I’ve always asked every single client to use a sensitive skin bacterial hand-wipe (which I provide) before every reading. If they prefer not to use it, the rule is they can’t touch the cards. If you allow clients to handle your deck in your tarot-reading practice, consider hand-wipes. Even better, until more info is known about Corvid-19, change your tarot reading habits/process to only handle your cards yourself. The important part of a tarot reading is whether the client’s mind gets engaged—not whether they physically transferred “mojo” into your deck.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I’d also like to add a few more tips for tarot readers who want to stay healthy – and keep their clients safe too.

Here are my suggestions on good practices for tarot readers in times of uncertainty. 

If you see people in-person at an office, be sure to disinfect your office every day – including wiping down all light switch covers, doorknobs, and any surfaces you or your client may touch. I recommend doing this between every client if possible. Also: spray a disinfectant such as Lysol both when you open and close your office.

Keep tissues handy in case your client needs to sneeze.

Do not shake hands.

Insist that your client take off their shoes when they come in the door. Send them straight to the washroom to wash their hands before you begin working with them.

Consider NOT allowing folks to handle your cards. As Virtue Centered Tarot says above it’s about their mind being engaged, not some physical interaction with the tarot cards.

I would say that if you work for events or parties, it’s probably best to stop allowing clients to touch your cards altogether. A large event puts you and your tools at risk – the fewer people touching you or your tarot, the better.

There is no better time than now to stop offering in-person sessions. With the advent of computers and services such as Skype, you can offer services to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Phone, Skype, or email sessions are super-convenient for both practitioner and client. Plus, it’s safe on every level. And yes, you can still get a great reading without the “in-person experience.” In some ways, it’s better because there are zero distractions.

I stopped seeing clients in-person a few years ago for many reasons and I am so happy I did. Initially, the business was a bit wonky and a few locals got pissy. But it all evened out, folks adjusted, and my biz is better than ever – and I’m serving people in a way that works best for my introvert nature. Do know that if you go this route, some people will balk. Be ready for that – and remain firm.

Also, keep in mind that making the transition from in-person to strictly phone or email requires a solid website and good marketing practices. Update your site, get your SEO right, and make some noise! It won’t be long before you expand to other places in the world, which will make it easier than ever to be location independent.

So those are my thoughts. What about you? What are the ways you keep safe when all hell is breaking loose? How can your tarot business continue to thrive when everything seems up in the air?

I was going through outtakes from a photo session and this picture made me laugh. Monkey hates getting his picture taken as much as I do. He was doing everything in his power to get out of this!

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