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I’ll never forget the humiliation I felt in second grade when my teacher turned my desk upside down in front of the classroom. My cheeks burned crimson red and I struggled not to cry as the contents came spilling out all over the linoleum floor. Mrs. Larsen was unmoved. 

She was determined to teach me a lesson and make me an example to the rest of the students who never seemed to have trouble keeping their desks neat and clean. Mine was always a tornado, stuffed to the gills with papers and pens, which enraged her.

The snicker of the other girls rang in my ears as I scrambled on my hands and knees to pick up the chaos and put my desk back together.

Needless to say, that order didn’t last and it wasn’t too long before I had to endure the desk drama with the teacher all over again. 

The truth is, I’ve always been messy. I’m a hygiene freak so my chaos is never filthy but clutter follows me wherever I go. There was only one time if my life when my possessions were minimal. But even then, my lone suitcase was stuffed to the gills. 

Learning how to be neat and clean has been a life lesson.

It shouldn’t have been. My mother was an exemplary housewife. Our home was orderly as can be (except for my bedroom, of course). My siblings followed her lead and their homes are spic ’n span with everything arranged in a sensible way.

Why didn’t I get this bug?

Perhaps part of the reason is that I despised the whole notion of cleaning since I was the only one who was forced to help out with the housework. My mother was a sick woman so someone had to get in there and lend a hand. I would have rather been occupied with a book but since I was the oldest daughter, I was assigned the caretaker and cleaner role. My brothers never had to help because it was “women’s work” and my little sister was “too young and needed to play.” So I got stuck with those duties – and resented the hell out of it. Being messy was a way to rebel!

I have tried every single thing to declutter. Heck, I even have a stack of books on how to declutter! Talk about ironic. What’s bizarre about this is that my work is managed down to the fine details. Everything is rigidly scheduled, checkbook balanced to the penny, and papers perfectly filed (I don’t have paper clutter at all). I run a tight ship. Why can’t I get this house running the same, efficient way?

Something changed recently.

I, like many folks, got hooked on Tidying Up, the new Netflix series featuring Marie Kondo, a tidying expert. I have her books (no surprise there, eh?) but I never employed her method. It seemed too complicated. But once I watched the show and felt her joy, I “got it” and began decluttering in earnest. My husband got in on it too (he’s a neat Virgo but he’s extremely clutter-y too.)

Our clothes are now streamlined and perfectly organized. My tarot dresser and stationery drawer are totally in order. Things are coming together. Next up is the kitchen and books. Considering I have about 200 cookbooks, this will be a chore. But I am determined. I want to spark joy, dammit!

Perhaps there is hope for this disorderly girl after all. Mrs. Larsen would be proud.

The cats hate the clutter!

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What I’m Grateful For:

Time to declutter

Warmer temps

Good kids

Getting on top of stuff

A fantastic husband

Fresh homemade coffee cake


Soundtrack for 2/3/19:

Neat Neat Neat by The Damned


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