The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for 2019

Dates to watch out for.

Mercury retrograde.
Lots of eclipse action.

Jupiter squares Neptune.
Saturn is in a sextile with Neptune.
Jupiter trines Uranus.

Horoscopes and tarot cards (oh my!).

2019 is coming and I’ve got your astro-back with my Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for the year ahead.

Confession: I’m a bit of a control freak.  I like to know what’s coming so that I can keep surprises in my life to a minimum (the only kind of surprises I like are the gift certificate for a massage kind).  Knowing what’s up with the cosmos helps me to glide through the year with a minimum of drama and a whole lotta Zen.

I’ve created this mini-Astro Guide to give you the high fives and red flags you need to know so that you can be alert to the times when you need to amp up your awesome or kick back and wait it out.

How to use this astrology guide

Remember, the planetary action shows tendencies and potentials for opportunity… or problems.  Awareness of what’s going on in the stars will give you an astro-edge because when you know what’s up, you can strategize how to work that energy to your advantage (even if the stars are grouchy!).  Mark down the dates of caution and action in your calendar.  Read your yearly scope + special tarot card wisdom to see the bigger picture for your sign.  (You may also want to read the forecast for your rising sign as well.)  Then: make 2019 your BFF.  Bada bing!

Need more help?  I have a list of trusted astrologers at the end of this post who will be more than happy to give you a full-on personalized forecast (a personal report will give you major details so that you can be well-armed).

Read on, astro-playas:

Mercury will be retrograde three times in 2019. This year, they are happening in the Water signs, which means emotions will be running high during these retrogrades. Everyone is touchier and more sensitive, so you’ll want to tread lightly if you want to avoid upsetting anyone’s apple cart. If you’re making decisions around relationships during this retrograde, wait. You may not be objective. Use the retrograde to ponder your feelings. Make decisions after Mercury goes direct. The more rooted you are, the less likely your emotions will get in the way of your rational thinking. 

Travel via water or overseas could be problematic during these retrogrades so do plan for delays.

Also keep in mind the usual advice: when Mercury goes retrograde, communication, travel and technology can be affected.  But it doesn’t need to be a hawt mess!  Best course of action: back up your computer, give yourself extra time to get where you need to go, think before you speak, avoid signing contracts or buying new technology if you can, and be patient.  (Check out my detailed post for more information: How To Have A Happy and Productive Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury Retrograde dates:

March 5th – 28th in Pisces.

July 7 – July 31st starting in Leo and retrograding into Cancer on July 19th.

October 31 – November 20th in Scorpio.


Eclipses bear mentioning because they can signal major changes afoot.  You’ll need to check your chart to see where these changes might take place (if you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get one free at

Eclipse dates for 2019:

January 5, 2019, New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 15º

January 21, 2019, Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 0º

July 2, 2019, New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer 10º

July 16, 2019, Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 24º

December 26, 2019, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 4º


New Moons/Full Moons

Moon cycles are GREAT for planning.

New Moons are perfect for starting something new, whether that be a relationship, a job,  a diet, writing that novel you’ve been talking about, or even a whole new chapter of your life!

Full Moons are about letting go.  Cut out that toxic lover, quit that draining job, give up your three pack a day cigarette habit, and release anything that is old, outworn, or annoying (that crappy old sweater taking up space in your closet – begone!)

New Moon/Full Moon dates for 2019 (EST/EDT time)

January 5, 2019, New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 15º

January 21, 2019, Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 0º

February 4, 2019, New Moon in Aquarius15º

February 19, 2019, Full Moon in Virgo 0º

March 6, 2019, New Moon in Pisces 15º

March 20, 2019, Full Moon in Libra 0º

April 5, 2019, New Moon in Aries 15º

April 19, 2019, Full Moon in Libra 29º

May 4, 2019, New Moon in Taurus 14º

May 18, 2019, Full Moon in Scorpio 27º

June 3, 2019, New Moon in Gemini 12º

June 17, 2019, Full Moon in Sagittarius 25º

July 2, 2019, New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer 10º

July 16, 2019, Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 24º

July 31, 2019, New Moon in Leo 8º

August 15, 2019, Full Moon in Aquarius 22º

August 30, 2019, New Moon in Virgo 6

September 14, 2019, Full Moon in Pisces 21º

September 28, 2019, New Moon in Libra 5º

October 13, 2019, Full Moon in Aries 20º

October 27, 2019, New Moon in Scorpio 4º

November 12, 2019, Full Moon in Taurus 19º

November 26, 2019, New Moon in Sagittarius 4º

December 12, 2019, Full Moon in Gemini 19º

December 26, 2019, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 4º

Jupiter square Neptune 

Jupiter square Neptune may be great for daydreaming – provided you don’t get stuck in that mode. While Jupiter in Sagittarius can expand possibilities and horizons, Neptune can bring escapism, confusion, and impracticality. 

Max this vibe out by focusing on your dreams. What do you want to create, have, do, or be? What would your ideal life look like? Contemplate that – but then put down a solid plan so that your dreams can become a reality.  

People can bend the truth during this transit so you’ll need to trust your spidey sense if something doesn’t pass the smell test. Do not ignore red flags. Keep a healthy sense of skepticism alive during this period. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

This transit is NOT good for gambling or any sort of risky investing. Losses could happen if you’re not careful. Dubious “get-rich-quick” schemes should be avoided because they could bring financial ruin. There is also the possibility of attraction to fishy cults or gurus. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

In some way, faith will be tested, but if you have faith in your own instincts, you can avoid much drama. 

Dates when this transit will be exact:

January 13

June 16

September 21

This aspect could be rough for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


Saturn sextile Neptune

Profound spiritual insights are possible during this transit. Intuition is heightened. This could be an especially good time for business instincts. Dreams can come true with a bit of discipline. Focus on what you want to make real – then do the work.

The spiritual life could have a grounding effect. Regular spiritual practices could provide significant benefit. What traditions do you have in place? If you have none, explore different belief systems until you find one that resonates. Meditation is especially beneficial now. 

Dates when this transit will be exact:

June 18

November 9


Jupiter trine Uranus

This could be a beneficial time for finances, travel, and higher education as well as groups and friendships. New, brilliant ideas may open up doors for gain or breakthroughs. This is a robust transit for inventive thinking, innovation, and technology. 

Unexpected lucky breaks could occur, or you may just “feel lucky.” Take chances now. Say yes to new opportunities. Try out new things. Doors are ready to open, and everything becomes possible for a time. Hope returns. 

Dates when this transit will be exact:

December 15th

This aspect will be especially favorable for Scorpios, Pisces, Cancers, Tauruses, Virgos, and Capricorns.

Outer planets

Most of the outer planets will remain in the signs they’ve been in for a while. Remember: the outer planets take longer to move through a sign!  Both Jupiter and Uranus will be making a move this year.

At the beginning of 2019 we have:

Jupiter in Sagittarius – Jupiter adores hanging around in Sagittarius because Jupiter rules Sag. Here it favors big thinking, traveling the world, higher education, and spiritual pursuits. Learn new things. Sign up for school or exciting classes. Explore philosophy and different belief systems. Go places you’ve never gone before. See the world. Say yes to new experiences! The more adventurous and open you are during this transit, the more you’ll grow.

This transit also favors truth. Know that the truth will come out during this transit, and often in a big way. Those who seek the truth will find it. Those who speak it will find their way. Those who are careless with it will be busted. 

Jupiter will be retrograde from April 10 through August 11. Best advice during that period: tell the truth and don’t push your luck.

Saturn in Capricorn – This transit began in December 2017. Let me start out by saying: Saturn adores being in Capricorn. That’s because Saturn rules Capricorn. Here, it can express it’s energy the best. Saturn loves structure – and no sign is more structured than Capricorn. This transit favors ambition, building, and power. Which means: if you’re focusing your energy on your career, you’re going to see some big-time growth. Set big goals and then commit to them. UPLEVEL. Go for the gold! Saturn in Capricorn favors the movers and the shakers – be one and you’ll gather steam in anything you attempt. This transit is not for the lazy or for those looking for a shortcut. Instead, it’s best for those who are dedicated and willing to be patient as they climb. The top is reachable but not without your full commitment to the work needed to get there.

A quote that best sums up this transit comes straight from Game of Thrones (my favorite show!): ”Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is a ladder.  Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them.  And some are given a chance to climb but they refuse. The cling to the realm or the gods, or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.” – Littlefinger

The political stage will be most interesting with Saturn in Capricorn, especially because Pluto is also hanging out in Capricorn. Pluto is all about tearing things down and transformation. Saturn brings the muscle to get the work done. It’s practical like that. This could be a productive time of building new structures that will better support humanity. For example, reforming laws, infrastructure, roads – all of that would be a great thing to focus on during this transit. Also, caring for the most vulnerable would be excellent because Saturn in Capricorn has that paternal vibe to it.

BUT Saturn in Capricorn can also bring out power struggles between those who want to use their power for good – and those who want to cling to the systems of old that harmed many. One thing is for sure: the old way is dying. How that shakes out will be interesting as these Capricorn transits move forth.

Saturn will be retrograde from April 29 through September 18. This is an active period for doing all the behind-the-scenes work. Restructure, review, renew. In politics, I think this will be a karmic period where some dues are bound to get paid.

Uranus in Aries + Taurus – The planet of revolution in Taurus, the sign that rules money, promises to bring about a financial revolution of sorts. If you’re looking for a steady, calm economy, good luck with that. Instead, this transit brings about major transformation – not just globally but also on a personal level. This promises to be a volatile and unpredictable time but for those who are conscious, it may be a time to examine how free we really are when it comes to money.

For example, are you doing work solely for the dollar? Are you knee-deep in debt because you’re trying to keep up with the Joneses – or because you’ve made some poor decisions in the past? Are you obsessed with gathering possessions and power – at the expense of others? Uranus in Taurus will make you examine all of this and more. This period will demand that you look at your relationship with money – and evolve it. If you are unwilling to do so, Uranus may throw a few wrenches in the system that may force you to rethink how you’re handling it or making it.

What’s interesting about this transit is that it’s also coinciding with Saturn and Pluto both in conservative Capricorn. I think we’re going to see a massive shift in banking, financial institutions, and government. New money technology and the rise of alternate money such as the bitcoin is possible. Corporations and politicians could face an intense backlash under this transit if they put profits before people. The last time this transit happened was during the 30’s and 40’s – the time of the Second World War and the Great Depression. Remember: astrology shows that history often repeats.

My advice for this transit: handle your money with care. Put some aside for a rainy day. Pay off your debts if possible. If you are conflicted with your relationship with money, consider reading The Art Of Money by Bari Tessler – an excellent book that will help you transform your financial picture. This is the ideal book for this transit.

Uranus is officially in the sign of Taurus on March 29.  Before then, it’s hanging out in firebrand Aries, ideal for blazing trails in science, technology, and social reform. Read No bull: a no-nonsense guide to maxing out the Uranus in Taurus transit.

Uranus will be retrograde starting August 11th. This is an excellent time to reflect on your values as well as where you’re stuck. If you’re too firmly in your comfort zone, why? What might you need to do to break out of that? What changes do you need to make in your life, particularly around money? Examine these questions, and you’ll be ready to put the wisdom you gather into action when Uranus turns direct in 2020.

Neptune in Pisces – Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, so it’s pretty happy here.  This period is fantastic for artists, musicians, and mystics. Whether you’re navel-gazing or tuning in and turning out, be sure to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. This dreamy transit can produce escapism so watch out for spaciness, drug/alcohol abuse, or other clever ways of avoiding responsibilities and other unpleasant things.

Neptune is retrograde from June 21 through November 27, a perfect time for spiritual retreats, intuition work, and any sort of mystical groove. Watch out for a tendency towards escapism. Stay grounded.

Pluto in Capricorn – Pluto has been in Capricorn for a number of years and it’s got a few more to go.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and Capricorn represents the status quo, the old way.  This transit is perfect for revolution – tearing down the old structures to make way for the new.  The last time we had this transit was during the American Revolution!  Watch politics carefully the next few years.  The times they are ‘a changing.

Pluto will be retrograde from April 24 through October 3rd. This retrograde is perfect for examining your own outdated beliefs and thought patterns. Where do you need to evolve? Where are you stuck in the old? Clear that energy and empower yourself by creating new thought forms that support the way you want to show up in the new world that is developing right underneath your nose.

Jupiter changes signs

On December 2nd, Jupiter will leave jovial Sagittarius and enters serious Capricorn. Which means: almost all of the outer planets are in Earth signs, except Neptune. Also: three of them are Capricorn! Jupiter in Capricorn is an odd combo. Jupiter favors expansion and enthusiasm while Capricorn tends to be conservative and prefers a cautious approach. 

This can bring frustration, but it can also be a good transit for business as well as goal setting. Think big and lean into Capricorn’s disciplined vibe – you could make those dreams a reality as 2020 unfolds. Business can mature during this transit, so it’s great for established organizations but also swell for starting a new biz. If your business suffered last year, you might see improvement going forward.  That being said, don’t expect that this will happen overnight or without work. You still need to show up and take control.

This transit favors those who are ready to take personal responsibility for their lives, work, and security. Make that future happen, yo. It’s in your hands. If you’re not into adulting, you won’t be able to reap the rewards that this transit offers. 


Now – on to some mini 2019 personal-scopes with tarot advice!


Aries: If you’ve been itching for travel, 2019 will give you plenty of opportunities to indulge your wanderlust. With Jupiter moving through your 9th house, you can go as far as you want – as often as your budget will allow. Dust off your passport and begin plotting your world tour at the beginning of the year. Then go!  This is also the ideal year for you to head back to school. Apply to a university and then hit the books. You might be closer to getting that degree as the year comes to a close. 2019 also brings fab opportunities for Aries writers. If you’re looking to write or publish a book, don’t hold back. Get on it and see what happens. Finances will be a bit tricky starting March 29th, when Uranus moves back into your 2nd house of money. It will be sitting here for many years, which means it’s time to pay more attention to your cash flow. If you don’t, you may be in for a few not-so-welcome surprises. Avoid risk as much as you can. Seek to create security where possible. Above all, don’t put your head in the sand, cross your fingers, and hope for the best! Be proactive! Career is going strong all year long with mighty Saturn and Pluto holding court in your 10th house. Your reputation continues to rise in 2019, giving you more clout. You have the potential to become a shot caller so keep on climbing the ladder. A series of eclipses will open up new doors you never thought possible. As the year winds down, Jupiter will join forces in December, paving the way for a spectacular 2020. If you think you’ve achieved star status in 2019, wait until you see what’s possible next year. It’s so on!

Seven of Wands – The challenge you face this year will help you grow. Rise up and meet them with vigor!


taurus astrology

Taurus: 2019 brings greater financial rewards, dear Taurus. You’ve got mighty Jupiter hanging around in your 8th house for most of the year, which indicates gain through joint finances, taxes, inheritances, or corporate affairs. It’s likely that you may experience a windfall of some sort. If you’re trying to get a loan for a home or other such thing, expect good news. This transit also gives you the ability to create more intimacy in your love life. If you’ve been craving a deeper connection, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do that. Saturn and Pluto are still sitting nicely in your 9th house, signaling the right time for pursuing higher education or world travel. Whether you’re taking a serious trip around the world or seeking an advanced degree, you have the discipline to make this happen. Pick your goal and then map out your plans. From there, it’s up to you to commit to making it to the finish line. You’re persistent as they come so this shouldn’t be too hard! Uranus will be in your sign starting March 29th for quite some time. You had a clue as to what this meant last year when Uranus was in Taurus for a few months. Your intuition was stronger, and perhaps you felt a bit restless. Once it’s firmly in your sign, you’ll have a few good years for developing your sixth sense. It’s also a fab period for making changes to your image. If you’ve been rocking the same ‘do since the 80’s, give yourself an update. This transit also marks a time when you may be craving more freedom. If you want to roam, do so but understand that you may have to sacrifice some of your hard-earned security to do this. Uranus in Taurus will also give you new, innovative ideas around making money, which could fatten up your bank account nicely. In December Jupiter will shimmy into your 9th house, setting you up for academic success or a world tour. There is no better time for travel or education! To top this off, you’re also getting a series of eclipses hitting your 9th house in 2019, which may open up possibilities for amazing adventures. The world is opening up to you in exciting new ways. 2020 could see you becoming a real jet-setter!

Eight of Wands – Everything is moving ahead. Travel brings great benefits.


gemini astrology

Gemini: The right people will be showing up in your life, again and again, this year, dear Gemini. That’s because Jupiter is sitting pretty in your 7th house of partnerships. The year ahead could be most excellent for marriage. If you’re thinking of popping the question or saying “I do,” go ahead. You can also partner up with people for business ventures. Commit this year, and these relationships could benefit your life in a big way. Jupiter in the 7th is also favorable for legal matters and public relations. If you’re trying to settle a case or wish to be seen in a good light by the public, you can make that happen. Saturn and Pluto are sitting together in your 8th house, which means 2019 requires discipline around joint finances, taxes, and goods of the dead. You may have to take on more responsibility around other people’s monies. Or you may be dealing with some bigger than usual tax issues. Don’t let any of this stress you out. Instead, create structures that allow you to pay things off or save money. The more on top of your money game you are this year, the more likely problems will be contained. These planets also demand responsibility with your sexual escapades too. This could play out two ways: either you’ll have a lack of sexual partners and may need to take more initiative. Or you may have intimacy issues that require more effort on your part to resolve. This changes up when Jupiter enters your 8th house in December. Suddenly, you’re getting more action – and maybe more money too. You’ll have a full year to get sexy…or rich. Dirty rich? With a slew of eclipses shining up your 8th house, the opportunities will be evident. Up to you to act on this, pardner. 

Four of Swords – You busted your ass last year. Make time for rest and self-care in 2019.


cancer astrology

Cancer: If you’re looking to go bigger with your career, Jupiter is creating plenty of opportunities for you this year, dear Cancer. It will be in your 6th house for much of the year, giving you ample opportunities to up your game. Stay alert for new offers, possible promotions, and improved working conditions. Coworkers, clients, and authority figures are on your side – take good care of those relationships, and they will benefit your career. Above all, do not take any of these relationships for granted. If your work is centered around publishing, education, or travel, this could be a boom year for you. Your star could rise, and that may lead to fantastic new offers that could elevate your work more than ever. Health should be good for the most part, but you’ll want to keep an eye on your indulgences. If you’re overdoing it, you could put on a few pounds. Relationships will need work in 2019. Saturn and Pluto are still sitting in your 7th house, which means you must put in the effort if you want to see results with a partner. If your relationship is struggling, you may want to consider seeking support. Transformation is possible but not without a fair amount of work on both parts. If you’re single and want to meet someone, do your part. Update your online profile, attend events, go on blind dates – all of that. It may take time, but this level of effort shows the Universe that you’re serious AF. That is more likely to lead to results instead of sitting around hoping for the best. July 2nd puts an eclipse in your sign, indicating a time for fresh starts or a new look. This is the right time to make a change in your life – or wardrobe. If you’ve been stuck, things will begin to move at this time. Three other eclipses will hit your 7th house this year, which could indicate a change in your relationship status – or they may illuminate a situation so that you can make a better decision. In December, Jupiter will glide into your 7th house, giving you a year of relationship luck. All that work you’ve been doing will begin to pay off, and you may be heading towards healthy, happy relationships in 2020. Don’t give up on love, even if it requires a massive amount of work on your part. Sometimes love needs that. In this case, the work you do in 2019 will pay off as 2020 unfolds. Trust that it’s all worth it. 

Page of Cups – New love or a new emotional outlook (or both) is possible in 2019. Expect better days.


leo astrology

Leo: Love is in the air, dear Leo. Jupiter is gracing your 5th house for much of 2019, giving you loads of opportunities to find the one – or to uplevel a current relationship. If you’ve been single, you may connect with a partner worthy of you. Jupiter is expansive so remember this: there are plenty of fish in the sea. No more scarcity thinking! With possible paramours lining up around the block to make a love connection, you’ll see that there are many beautiful options to peruse. GET YOURSELF OUT THERE. Already partnered? This year could find you moving in, popping the question, saying “I do,” or having a baby. Work requires an extra dose of discipline if you are serious about accomplishing some of your big vision goals. Thankfully, Saturn and Pluto are seated nicely in your 6th house, giving you the perseverance to get things done. You’ll encounter a few setbacks throughout the year, but if you knuckle down, you can navigate around those like a boss. This is also the right time to get serious about your health regime. If you’ve slacked off in the past, there is no better year than this one to get on top of your fitness game. Enroll in a class, fine-tune your diet, or hire a personal trainer. Take steps to get healthy, and you’ll be feeling fierce by the end of the year! The end of January puts an eclipse in your sign – let that day be the one where you make a vow to change up anything about your life that you don’t like. Set intentions and then work with the Universe to make the transformation become a reality. Remember: you had a few eclipses in your sign last year. This is the last one in your sign – one more chance to clear away what doesn’t work so that you can have the life you deserve. Three eclipses will hit your 6th house of work this year – this could shake things up. You may experience sudden job changes or opportunities. Just know that this requires you to be flexible. Be ready to make a move when they show up. Speaking of career, at the end of March, Uranus will be in your 10th house, indicating a few years where your genius will be on display for all to see. You’ve got a chance to be seen as a true original in your industry. Friends will be especially helpful during this time so do rely on your buddies to help up your street cred. As 2019 comes to a close, Jupiter will enter your 6th house, giving you a full year to expand your work in exciting new ways. A new job, role, or entire new career could be yours for the taking.

Nine of Wands – Let your guard down. Heal the old wounds so you can open up to new experiences.


virgo astrology

Virgo: If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your lair or moving to a whole new domicile, you’re in luck this year, dear Virgo. That’s because fortunate Jupiter is gracing your 4th house for most of 2019. You can get a change of residence, or you can completely renovate your home to suit your particular tastes. This is an especially good time to buy real estate. Consult with your financial advisor or real estate agent – and begin looking. You may find your dream home! No matter how things look at the beginning of the year, by the time this one comes to a close your situation is going to be much, much better. This is also a strong year for dealing with family issues. If you’ve been having problems with a loved one, you can forgive ’n forget. With Saturn and Pluto hanging in your 5th house, you may also want to consider whether or not you’re ready to commit to a relationship or having a child. If you’re up for it, it may take some work, but it will be so worth it. Not in the market for either? This year could also be most excellent for finally getting a handle on that creative project you’ve been procrastinating. If you want recognition as an artist in any realm, you must do the work. No more excuses. Take advantage of this energy, and you’ll be delighted to see how much progress you can make. Travel to unusual places or enroll in higher education when Uranus lands in your 9th house at the end of March. You’ll have a few years to see the world – or to complete that degree. This could also be a period where you’re exploring new spiritual beliefs. Whether you’re traveling, studying, or meditating in an ashram, you’re bound to broaden your horizons in exciting new ways. A series of eclipses will light up your 5th house, which could indicate new projects, a significant change in your romantic status, or a baby. Whatever happens, these surprises could bring about a total shift in your plans. At the end of 2019, Jupiter will also take up residence in the 5th house, giving you a full year of romantic, creative, or baby bliss. Life is beginning to look sweet as can be as you move into 2019. 

Three of Pentacles – You’ve got mad talent. This year brings recognition or a chance to grow your skills.


libra astrology

Libra: Your positive thinking returns in 2019. That’s because optimistic Jupiter is transiting your 3rd house. This creates a happier, can-do mindset, which can move you through obstacles like a champ. Better yet, your positivity could also find you attracting more of what you want this year. The key: focus on what you WANT and know that the Universe will work overtime to line things up for you. Because the 3rd house is all about the mind, this year is highly favorable for Libras who are enrolled in school or who work in teaching, media, or communications. Jupiter in the 3rd also brings short trips and improved relationships with siblings and neighbors. This is important because Saturn and Pluto are lingering in your 4th house of home and family. If relations with your loved ones has been icy, you may experience a few breakthroughs that could help mend the problems. This year may bring some issues around your physical home. It’s possible you may have to move, or there may be expenses cropping up that strain your budget. Home repairs could become costly, and if you’re trying to sell or buy, you may have to negotiate hard to get the deal you want. Three eclipses will land in your 4th house this year and these could bring problems out into the open – or may mark a major change around your residence. You’ve also got Uranus in your 8th house at the end of March, which indicate some funkiness around loans or monies. This could impact you if you’re trying to get a home loan. Be sure to hire a good financial planner – they can help you make solid decisions for the extended period that Uranus hangs out here. By the time 2019 comes to an end, your whole living situation may be different. Because Jupiter will be heading into your 4th house by the end of December, it will be for your highest good. The Universe will not let you down. 

Ace of Wands – A new beginning is possible. This might be a new job, creative venture, or relationship. Time to start fresh.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: You’re blessed with lucky Jupiter traveling through your 2nd house of money, dear Scorpio. Which means one thing: you can make it rain in 2019! You’ll have lots of chances to up your income to new levels. This could come through a raise, promotion, windfall, or other lucrative ventures. If you’re running your own biz, this is the right time to raise your rates. For those Scorpios who want to get out of debt, this year may bring you the resources to begin getting a handle on your monies once and for all. All in all, this year you finally stand to gain some financial peace of mind. One caveat: sometimes Jupiter may bring extravagance when it hangs around the 2nd house. While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, keep that in check, or you risk undoing your gains. For Scorpios who are back to school, you’ve got two serious planets helping you out this year: Saturn and Pluto. They are resting in your 3rd house, giving you the discipline to study hard. If you tap into this mighty energy, you could achieve academic success. Not in school? It may be the right time to begin working on a book. You’ve got the concentration you need to write the next big novel so don’t skimp on this vibe. Relationships with siblings could be strained, but if you’re willing to work on that, you can smooth over those rough spots. Uranus will be in your 7th house starting March 29th, which means you may be craving more freedom in your relationships. Over the next few years, you may decide to end certain partnerships or new ones may come into the picture that may take you in exciting directions. Sometimes this transit can bring unusual circumstances around relationships or opportunities to hobnob with unconventional friends and associates. What’s important that you ask your loved ones to give you some breathing room. And, if a relationship has gone stale, it’s also time to let it go. Do not hold on to anyone you’re outgrowing. Three eclipses will hit your 3rd house, providing you with opportunities to travel out of the blue. Short trips during these eclipses could be transformational so do go if the opportunities arise. When Jupiter joins forces with Saturn and Pluto in December, you will have many more chances to travel, both long and short distance for the upcoming year. No matter where you go in the world in 2020, Jupiter promises to make it a positive, uplifting experience. 

Four of Cups – If you don’t like where you’re at, start exploring other options. You don’t have to settle.  


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: The stars are aligned with you in so many ways, dear Sagittarius. Your ruler, Jupiter is in your sign for much of 2019, bringing a golden touch in almost every aspect of your life. Even if you encounter difficulties, you have the confidence and optimism to move through those obstacles like a total badass. The Universe is so on your side! This is also the time where you can expand your presence in the world. If you’re looking to up your visibility, step into the role of thought leader with boldness. Share your truth with the world! Inspired leadership looks excellent on you. 2019 could also find you doing your favorite thing: traveling. Roam if you want to. Nothing is holding you back. But that being said, Saturn and Pluto are still mingling in your 2nd house of money, which means you need to manage your resources with care. Although this year is fab for expanding your world, you certainly don’t want to ignore your bank account. Keep a keen eye on the budget. Pay your bills on time. Be responsible with your cash flow. The more organized you are with your cheddar this year, the better shape you’ll be in when Jupiter heads into your 2nd house at the end of the year. Uranus will be in your 6th house starting March 29th. You might be experiencing many changes to your employment over the years. Or perhaps you’ll be working independently, running your own gig, and getting the freedom that you’ve craved at last. This is also a favorable transit for work that involves technology, groups, or science. One thing to watch out for though: in some cases, Uranus in the 6th brings chaos in the form of sudden unemployment or erratic health. You’ll want to take extra good care of your well being – and if you’re working in a place that seems unstable, you’ll want to look out for number one by sending out resumes or keeping abreast of other options. Three eclipses hit your 2nd house, which indicates changes to your income. This could be good or bad, so once again, it bears mentioning: keep tabs on your finances and job. When Jupiter moves into your 2nd house in December, you’re getting financial breathing room. Things will improve in 2020. And if you’ve been wisely creating structures, you’ll not only make more cash but will keep it too. 

The Sun – You are about to have one of the best years of your life. This is a golden year – look for the opportunities and enjoy yourself.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: You’ve got the power of Pluto plus your ruler, Saturn, hanging out in your sign, dear Capricorn. Add in Jupiter in the 12th house, and you’ve got a potent combo for a complete reinvention. This is your time to sheer away the old aspects of your life that no longer fit. Give yourself generous time to reflect on where you are – and where you want to go. What’s next? Who are you ready to become? Chill with those questions all year long. As you meditate on your evolution, begin taking steps to release the old. This may feel painful at times, but it’s what’s needed to happen for you to rise to your full potential. In a way, you’re shedding the unnecessary to make way for an enlightened and more potent you. There will be times when people seem to challenge you. Perhaps they are not comfortable with the changes you’re making. Do not let that deter you. Accept the challenge and stand in your power. A series of eclipses in your sign will help to illuminate what needs to go. Mark those on your calendar and watch what happens around those days. The Universe will give you the heads up that you need so that you can evolve. Uranus will head into Taurus on March 29th, which brings more variety into your social and romantic life. If you’ve been craving changes in those areas, you can expect unusual and exciting twists coming your way. Financial speculation needs some restraint as Uranus in the 5th could bring sudden gain or loss. Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. This transit also marks a time where you can express yourself freely. It’s especially useful if you’re involved in the creative field – recognition for your genius is possible. In December, Jupiter will move into your sign, giving you a full year of luck and opportunity, as well as a boatload of confidence. You’ve had a whole year to work on yourself – by the time 2019 comes to a close, you know who you are – and the rest of the world is about to get to know how marvelous you are in 2020.

Wheel of Fortune – A pivotal year. Everything is changing,, including you. Best part: these are changes for the better.



Aquarius: You’re always the lucky one when it comes to friends, dear Aquarius. This year you’re even more fortunate with Jupiter gracing your social sector. This means you’re on all the hot invite lists. Even better, the people who you’re rubbing elbows with may benefit you greatly. You’ll undoubtedly want to network your ass off this year. It will pay off. As the saying goes: it’s who you know. In 2019, you get to connect with some shot callers so don’t sit home and hope for opportunities. MAKE THEM by making your face known. This might be challenging because Saturn and Pluto are resting in your 12th house. It’s a combo that favors working behind the scenes as well as introspection. Look, you can do that and be a social butterfly too. It comes down to making good choices that support your need to expand with your need to chill. Saturn and Pluto are giving you lots of chances to pay off karmic debts. If you’re working on yourself or trying to come to terms with the past, there is no better time to do so. Confront those messy parts of your life. Free yourself! Profound spiritual insights can help you make smarter choices going forward. A few eclipses will land directly in your 12th house, shedding light on where your fears are – and what to release. You’ll get some penetrating insights into your subconscious during those Capricorn eclipses so do pay attention. If you can, mark those days off in your calendar as retreat days. Rest up and stay hydrated then. Uranus will be in your domestic sector on March 29th, which could bring sudden changes to your environment. You may move or renovate. Or you may decide to start a home-based business. It’s also possible that there may be some surprising changes in your family. However, this will take a few years to shake out. Just be ready for things to evolve. Jupiter will slip into your 12th house in December, marking a year where you get special protection from your guardian angel. No matter what happens in 2020, you’ll be protected. This transit also coincides with a full year where introspection brings excellent benefits. There is no better time for you to look within and get present. The mantra for 2020: it’s an inside job. 

The Empress – An abundant, sensuous year awaits. Indulge a bit. Explore pleasure. Love your life!


pisces astrology

Pisces: With fortunate Jupiter holding space in your 10th house, this is your time to shine, dear Pisces. The spotlight is on you – giving lots of opportunities for you to make your mark. If you’re looking to get the top spot at work, it’s possible in 2019. Want to raise your visibility? You can do that now too. Be confident, toot your horn, pitch the media, and say yes to opportunities to be in the public eye. Your street cred will rise this year if you play it right. People in positions of authority are on your side too. You may be able to call in a few favors. All in all, it’s a spectacular year to be you. Friends could be a source of support or trouble this year. You’ve got Saturn and Pluto sitting tight in your 11th house, which often indicates powerful allies and involvement in groups. You may be a called to lead a group. Mature, older friends could be helpful in your professional affairs. But you’ll also want to check the motives of certain people. You may discover that a few are more concerned with money and status than the true spirit of friendship. Luckily for you, the Capricorn eclipses will help you to determine who’s real and who’s fake. Uranus in your 3rd house starting March 29th also magnifies your intuition, which will give you the edge in all matters for the years it stays here. Your thinking is also highly original during this period – you can tap into your genius zone and become genuinely innovative in your career. December will put Jupiter in your 11th house, signaling a year where your social circle expands in the best possible way. Even better, your goals and wishes are going to materialize in 2020, setting you up for one of the most successful periods ever. Wish big and trust that you’re going to see your dream come alive next year.

King of Swords – You are a thought leader. Share your truth. Let the world see how brilliant you are.


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