The Tarot Lady’s Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide

Dates to watch out for.

Retrogrades galore.

A challenging Jupiter Pluto aspect.

Horoscopes and tarot cards (oh my!).

2017 is coming and I’ve got your astro-back with my Ultra-Deluxe Superfly Astrology Guide for the year ahead.

Confession: I’m a bit of a control freak.  I like to know what’s coming so that I can keep surprises in my life to a minimum (the only kind of surprises I like are the gift certificate for a massage kind).  Knowing what’s up with the cosmos helps me to glide through the year with a minimum of drama and a whole lotta Zen.

I’ve created this mini-Astro Guide to give you the high fives and red flags you need to know so that you can be alert to the times when you need to amp up your awesome or kick back and wait it out.

How to use this astrology guide

Remember, the planetary action shows tendencies and potentials for opportunity… or problems.  Awareness of what’s going on in the stars will give you an astro-edge because when you know what’s up, you can strategize how to work that energy to your advantage (even if the stars are grouchy!).  Mark down the dates of caution and action in your calendar.  Read your yearly scope + special tarot card wisdom to see  the bigger picture  for your sign.  (You may also want to read the forecast for your rising sign as well.)  Then: make 2017 your BFF.  Bada bing!

Need more help?  I have a list of trusted astrologers at the end of this post who will be more than happy to give you a full-on personalized forecast (a personal report will give you major details so that you can be well-armed).

Read on, astro-playas:

Let’s start off with the Mercury retrograde action for 2017.  We have FOUR Mercury retrogrades, people.  FOUR.  Mercury the trickster is going to hammer home this lesson: slow the hell down and be mindful.  When Mercury goes retrograde, communication, travel and technology can be affected.  But it doesn’t need to be a drag!  Best course of action: back up your computer, give yourself extra time to get where you need to go, think before you speak, avoid signing contracts or buying new technology if you can, and be patient.  (Check out my detailed post for more information: How To Have A Happy and Productive Mercury Retrograde.)

Mercury Retrograde dates:

Mercury turns direct on January 8.

4/9/2017 Mercury goes retrograde – turns direct on 5/3/2017

8/12/2017 Mercury goes retrograde – turns direct on 9/5/2017

12/3/2017 Mercury goes retrograde – turns direct on 12/22/2017

You’re defo going to want to pay attention 2017’s Venus retrograde action so take note, lovers.

Venus will turn retrograde for a few weeks in the sign of Aries starting on March 4th.  It will dip back into Pisces on April 3rd.  On April 15th, it will turn direct and move back into Aries on April 28th.  So what does this mean?  Remember, Venus rules romance, art, commerce, and beauty.  This period marks a time when we can reflect on all of our relationships.  Are they working?  If not, what needs to be resolved?  Where might you be too selfish (when in Aries) or too giving (when in Pisces)? Assess the issues but do not take rash action until after Venus turns direct. You might also experience heavy expenses during this time.  Be careful with luxury purchases. If you are tempted to live beyond your means, you may wake up with a credit-card hangover after this period ends.

Likewise, you’ll also want to keep an eye on addictive behaviors when Venus is retrograde in Pisces.  If you’re under stress (especially likely when Venus forms a hard angle to transiting Saturn from April 17th – 22nd), you may be tempted to overindulge in food, drink, sex, or other substances.

Venus retrograde is NOT favorable for starting new relationships or getting married. I would recommend waiting until it goes direct.  Remember, Venus in Aries is impulsive, in Pisces we see people through rose colored glasses – once this retrograde is over, you might be looking at the person next to you and thinking “what the eff did I just say yes to?”  (Psst be especially wary of online love relationships that look too good to be true during this period.  That Channing Tatum look-alike may resemble a jar of tuna fish in real life.)

Venus Retrograde dates:

3/4/2017 Venus turns retrograde – turns direct on 4/15/2017

Eclipses bear mentioning because they can signal major changes afoot.  You’ll need to check your chart to see where these changes might take place (if you don’t have a copy of your chart, you can get one free at

Eclipse dates:

February 10: Lunar eclipse in Leo 22º

February 26: Solar eclipse in Pisces 8º

August 7: Lunar eclipse in Aquarius 15º

August 21: Solar eclipse in Leo 28º


New Moons/Full Moons

Moon cycles are GREAT for planning.

New Moons are perfect for starting something new, whether that be a relationship, a job,  a diet, writing that novel you’ve been talking about, or even a whole new chapter of your life!

Full Moons are about letting go.  Cut out that toxic lover, quit that draining job, give up your three pack a day cigarette habit, and release anything that is old, outworn, or annoying (that crappy old sweater taking up space in your closet – begone!)

New Moon/Full Moon dates for 2017 (EST/EDT time)

January 12, 2017: Full Moon in Cancer 22º 6:34 AM

January 27, 2017: New Moon in Aquarius 8º 7:07PM

February 10, 2017:  Full Moon in Leo 22º 7:33 PM – Lunar Eclipse at 7:45 PM

February 26, 2017: New Moon in Pisces 8º 9:58 AM – Solar Eclipse 9:54 AM

March 12, 2017: Full Moon in Virgo 22º 10:54 AM – daylight savings time starts (UGH)

March 27, 2017: New Moon in Aries 7º, 11:57 PM

April 11, 2017: Full Moon in Libra 21º 2:08 AM

April 26, 2017: New Moon in Taurus  6º 8:16 AM

May 10, 2017: Full Moon in Scorpio 20º 5:42 AM

May 25, 2017: New Moon in Gemini 4º 3:44 PM

June 9, 2017: Full Moon in Sagittarius 18º 9:10 AM – Jupiter turns direct!

June 23, 2017: New Moon in Cancer 2º 10:31 PM

July 9, 2017: Full Moon in Capricorn 17º 12:07 AM

July 23, 2017: New Moon in Leo  0º 5:46 AM

August 7, 2017: Full Moon in Aquarius 15º 2:11PM – Lunar Eclipse at 2:21 PM

August 21, 2017: New Moon in Leo 28º 2:30PM – Solar Eclipse at 2:26 PM

September 6, 2017: Full Moon in Pisces 13º 3:03 AM

September 20, 2017: New Moon in Virgo 27º 1:30 AM

October 5, 2017: Full Moon in Aries 12º 2:40PM

October 19, 2017: New Moon in Libra 26º 3:12PM

November 4, 2017: Full Moon in Taurus 11º 1:23 AM

November 18, 2017: New Moon in Scorpio  26º 6:42 AM

December 3, 2017: Full Moon in Gemini 11º 10:47 AM – Mercury retrograde starts

December 18, 2017: New Moon in Sagittarius 26º 1:30AM

Jupiter squares Pluto 

Jupiter will square Pluto on March 30th and August 4th.  The weeks that follow those two dates will be intense – and quite possibly, negative.  But remember: sometimes things need to get all the way ugly before we can find the way back to all that is good + harmonious.

Jupiter is currently floating through peace-loving Libra while Pluto in Capricorn is trying to tear down old structures and build new ones.  This square is intense to say the least.  The desire for power is strong when Jupiter squares Pluto. It’s ambitious energy that can bring out the best…or the worst. Remember, Jupiter in Libra values diplomacy and ethics but a hard square in ambitious Pluto in Capricorn can bring out a “Better Call Saul” vibe here – one where people are tempted to bend legal rules or  climb the ladder with a ruthless, amoral push. This is big time power-grab energy.

In world politics, we may see clashes between greed and do-gooders, as well as those who want to bring peace – and those who want destruction.  The stakes are high and those who will stop at nothing to meet their aims might find temporary success until it all comes crumbling down.  Although this aspect is tough and can bring out the worst in people, when the justice comes, it comes swiftly.  In your personal chart, embrace your ambitions but stay on the high road.  Do the right thing and do not try to force your views on others.  Practice tolerance – even if you are dealing with some rather intolerant human beings.  This transit will test us all but if you have good moral compass, you’ll be fine.  Those born under Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will feel this the most.

Outer planets

Most of the outer planets will remain in the signs they’ve been in for a while. Remember: the outer planets take longer to move through a sign!  Only Jupiter will change signs in 2016

Currently we have:

Jupiter in Libra – Lucky Jupiter is more than happy to hang out in Libra. Libra rules romance, relationships, beauty and art – all the Venusian stuff (Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, peeps). Bring awareness to partnerships and do your best to be conscious of how the other guy feels.

This period is favorable for romance and diplomacy, as well as all types of artsy stuff.If you’re a musician or artist, you’re in luck! You may be producing some of your best work to date. Inspiration is high and muses are a plenty. In political matters, this year is best spent focusing on fairness + justice for all. Civil rights will be front and center for most of the year. There may be major push back from the intolerant when Jupiter squares Pluto – expect things to get tense then followed by progress. Progress often comes in spurts – so be patient and don’t give up, even if things look dire. Those who oppress are on the wrong side of history and Jupiter in Libra may bring some justice but not without plenty o’ resistance.

Two things that may improve in 2017 will be romance + finances. This year might bring big fairy-tale relationships for many and, hopefully, a better economy (Although Jupiter in Libra favors financial gain, I’m a bit skeptical on how that will work out with that Pluto crap. Maybe the rich will get richer? Probably.)

Jupiter will be retrograde from February 6th through June 9th.  This is a good time to talk it out or hug it out.  It’s also favorable for speaking up, especially in cases of injustice.

Saturn in Sagittarius – Saturn is the hard taskmaster and in philosophical, worldly Sagittarius, it’s the right time to examine our beliefs and how we are relating to the world at large. Are your beliefs serving or harming?  Guard against bigotry, dogma, and self-righteousness.  This aspect is great for refining your big visions as well as for reforming spiritual and educational systems (pay attention to what is happening on campuses this year for this may influence the larger political landscape).

Saturn will be retrograde from April 6th through August 25th.  Be very mindful that you are not shoving your beliefs down people’s throats during this time.  Instead, listen more and talk less.  Examine your opinions and seek truth. (PS tact will serve you well.)

Uranus in Aries – Unpredictable Uranus loves to shake things up.  In pioneering Aries, we’re blazing new trails in science, and humanitarianism.  Look at all the advances we have been making in technology and social reform (ex: legalization of same-sex marriage).  We’ve still got a long way to go on the latter and we’ve also got Pluto in Capricorn, which  tends to hold on to the old with a death grip until it finally releases and welcomes the new.

Uranus will be retrograde from August 3rd 2017 through January 1, 2018.  Pay very close attention to politics – arguments could become volatile…or certain political issues that seemed to be making progress may hit a wall now.  The energy is restless and people want change but no one is sure how to do that.

Neptune in Pisces – Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces, so it’s pretty happy here.  This period is fantastic for artists, musicians, and mystics.  Whether you’re navel gazing or tuning in and turning out, be sure to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.  This dreamy transit can produce escapism so watch out for spaciness, drug/alcohol abuse, or other clever ways of avoiding responsibilities and other unpleasant things.

Neptune is retrograde from June 17th through November 22nd, perfect for taking a spiritual retreat or getting in touch with your intuition.  Make sure you are not ducking out on the world, even if the nightly news is making you drained.

Pluto in Capricorn – Pluto has been in Capricorn for a number of years and it’s got a few more to go.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and Capricorn represents the status quo, the old way.  This transit is perfect for revolution – tearing down the old structures to make way for the new.  The last time we had this transit was during the American Revolution!  Watch politics carefully the next few years.  The times they are ‘a changing.

Pluto will be retrograde from April 20th through September 28th. This retrograde is righteous for inner transformation and releasing old thought patterns and judgments.  Clear out your stinkin’ thinking and any bad habits that might be infringing on your bossness.  Speaking of boss – this is not the time to try to control others.  Keep your eyes on your own inner work.

Jupiter changes signs

On October 10th, 2017, Jupiter enters Scorpio, which amps up the emo, intuition, and the ambition. Emotions will be strong + deep for the next year. Don’t be afraid of that – embrace this intense emotional stuff. We’re all going to have the opportunity to feel more deeply than ever. This is passion stuff, yo. Which also means: going after your passions with determination. You can achieve all of your goals now as long as you remain focused on your objective. Just be mindful that this doesn’t tip over into obsession, which is the low-vibe of Scorpio.

Mark October 27th on your calendar: Jupiter will be conjunct the Sun, making it a universally “lucky day”.  This is a fabulous date and auspicious as hell!  Make your big wishes, big proposals, hot dates, or killer dance moves happen on this day.  Bada bing!

Saturn changes signs

On December 19th, Saturn enters Capricorn and it’s much, much happier here. Here, Saturn is “at home” and can express its energy best. Saturn in Capricorn favors structure, building, and ambition.  If you’re a high-achiever, you’re going to love this transit – and benefit from it.  This transit is best for focusing on career.  Dedicate yourself to your vocation during this period and you may reach – or exceed your goals.  This is not a transit for the lazy. It’s for the big thinkers, the doers, and the world changers. (If you are a slacker, you may find that the Universe gives you a cosmic kick in the ass to get going.)

In politics, this transit is best served by building the new structures that will better support humanity.  Remember, Pluto has been tearing things down for a while. This two year plus period is perfect for reforming laws, fixing gaps in security, and making sure everyone is cared for (especially the elderly and vulnerable).  Power plays are possible but those who use their power for the benefit of all during this transit will leave behind something important: a legacy.


Now – on to some mini 2017 personal-scopes with tarot advice!


Aries:  This year, put your good energy into your relationships and every area of your life will improve.  That’s because lucky Jupiter sits in your 7th house of partnerships all the way until the end of the year.  You’re going to encounter people who will benefit your life in many ways – and your chances for lasting partnerships are strong now. If you’re single, you’ll have a smorgasbord of possible partners to choose from.  Partnered? You may be able to move your relationship to the next level, or, at the very least, improve it.  Do note that there may be a few power struggles in your work relationships.  That’s the Jupiter Pluto square in action.  Practice diplomacy all year long and it may lead to a coveted position or a boost to your street cred when Saturn moves into your house of honors in December, where Pluto has been sitting for many years.  This will be the start of a couple of powerful few years ahead for your career.  If you play your cards right in 2018 and 2019, the potential for you to be top dog in your industry may arrive. Travel is possible this year and there may be times where you can mix business and pleasure.  Although this is a good year to go somewhere far, do be mindful of the dates when Mercury is in retrograde because things can go haywire then. Jupiter will be moving into your 8th house of joint finances, intuition and sex on October 10th, which could bring opportunities for financial windfalls and a whole lot more sexy time!  More money, more booty, and more recognition makes this year a winner for you.  Just one caveat: there are times when your legendary selfishness will be bubbling to the surface.  Shut that shizz down, please.  The more you focus on the other guy, the more you win.

King of Cups: when you let your heart do the talking – or leading – everybody wins. Let love rule.


taurus astrology

Taurus: 2017 is going to be fantastic for your work life, dear Taurus.  Jupiter is gracing your 6th house all the way until October, which means there are plenty of opportunities to expand your career. Work could be more fulfilling and better yet, great achievement is possible if you commit to the work at hand fully.  The Jupiter Pluto square might bear down with a heavy load at times, but stay at it and you’ll accomplish much.  Jupiter here also blesses you with excellent health.  If you start out this year feeling good, that trend should continue.  But if you begin 2017 with less-than-stellar health, this year may bring an improvement – or an incentive to get fit.  (One note: Jupiter here can indicate a weight gain – watch those Twinkies, bro.)  Hard-nosed Saturn has been pushing you to practice good money management for the last year or so.  It’s still on your case, so do keep an eye on your wallet all year long.  You’ll get a break near the end of the year when Saturn finally leaves your 8th house and heads into your travel and higher education sector on December 19th.  This signals a two year period where you can devote yourself to learning, especially practical stuff, or travel to distant places (hey, often travel is the best education money can buy!).  Just keep an eye on Mercury retrograde in December for it can wreak havoc on even the best laid travel plans. More good news arrives when Jupiter moves into your 7th house of relationships on October 10th.  If you’ve been looking for love, want to get married or start some sort of business partnership, lady luck will be smiling on you for a full year.  Don’t take any of your relationships for granted under this cycle for everyone that comes into your world may bring something positive to your life.

Death: it’s time to clear away the old, the useless, the outworn. Whether that be a thing, a person, or just an old attitude that no longer serves a purpose, let it go.


gemini astrology

Gemini: This is an outstanding year for all things amour, dear Gemini. With expansive Jupiter in your romance sector, your chances for happiness in love are hella big.  If you’re single, you might just meet someone that knocks your socks off.  In a relationship?  It could get serious, man.  An engagement, marriage or even a baby – it’s all possible now. Do keep in mind that an intense angle with Pluto might bring about some interesting dynamics in your sex life. Boom-chaka-wow!  Whether you are experimenting with new things or starting a secret fling, it won’t be dull.  Just be careful that you’re not doing anything that might hurt someone’s feelings.  Remember, somber Saturn has been teaching you a lot about relationships in the last year. Some of those lessons are still showing up, mostly in the realm of boundaries. Which means you need to set healthy ones – but also respect other people’s as well.  Jupiter will move into your 6th house of work on October 10th, which marks a year ahead that could lead to increased work or opportunities for better employment.  Mark your calendar for December 19th, when Saturn will leave the relationship sector and head into your 8th house.  This means you have a two year period ahead that might bring increased responsibilities with joint finances, taxes, and sex.  That means: don’t neglect anything in that realm.  This is the time to be adulting – and maybe enjoying some adult pleasures.  Heh heh….

Four of Wands: invite people in to your party. Be inclusive and put fun on your agenda. Celebrate the good times!


cancer astrology

Cancer:  If you have been dreaming of buying, selling or renovating a home, this year may bring that dream into a reality, dear Cancer.  That’s because fortunate Jupiter is hanging out in your home sector for most of 2017.  Set up your nest to suit your tastes and then invite the family over and entertain your little heart out!  Your home could become the hub for your extended family.  That being said, there may be a few power struggles with loved ones.  The Jupiter Pluto square brings squabbles and issues around control to the forefront.  Do your best to squash family beefs every time they show up.  It’s a lot to handle, but your love for your fam will be stronger than any drama that shows up.  Work demands will continue to bog you down for much of the year. The responsibilities are heavy indeed – you’ll need to keep your nose to the grindstone and your schedule organized down to the minute. In October, Jupiter will move into your 5th house, signaling a year of romance ahead.  If you’ve gone through a dry spell, this is going to be welcome news!  Chances for romantic happiness will be strong – be proactive and you could end up in a fabulous relationship within a year.  This transit is also good for conceiving a child – if that is on your agenda, late 2017 through 2018 could make your wish come true.  December 19th, Saturn heads into your relationship sector, where it will remain for about two years.  Saturn means: work and increased responsibility with others.  If you’ve been wanting someone to take care of, you may get what you’re asking for.

The Moon: follow your hunches, especially during those times when the road ahead isn’t clear.  You can see good in the dark.


leo astrology

Leo: You’re going to be at your optimistic best, dear Leo.  With happy Jupiter moving through your 3rd house of mind, not much will get you down this year.  Heck, you’re even able to find the good amongst the coworkers who try to take credit for your hard work or push you around at the office.  That hard Jupiter Pluto square will test your temperament at work but don’t let any of that petty stuff get you down for long. Toss your mane and keep on with your bad self.  They just don’t have your swerve, darling, and they never will.  Saturn is still lingering in your 5th house for much of the year, as it has been for quite a while.  This has put the brakes on gambling and investments – and you may have felt somewhat frustrated with the overall romantic front.  This year, you still want to keep financial risks to a minimum and when it comes to love, there is some work to do.  Which may mean putting effort into fixing current relationship issues – or seeking a new partner.  With your winning attitude, it may be easier to get results this year. Don’t give up on love! Saturn here can bring a commitment or a baby but not without some effort on your part.  On October 10th, Jupiter will move into your 4th house, which is fabulous for buying, selling, or renovating a home.  The year ahead could find you setting up your nest and growing your family. If you are going to make any investments this year, real estate is it.  In December, Saturn will finally leave your 5th house (thank the gods!) and settle into your 6th house of work. This means your career is about to get serious when 2018 kicks off.  Let the last few weeks of 2017 be focused on holidays at home and chilling.  You’ll need to be rested because 2018 is going to be a grinder. (Mark these two dates on your calendar: February 10th and August 21st.  These days have an eclipse in your sign – which may mean big changes. What needs to evolve?)

The Hierophant: lead or be led. Which do you prefer? You can choose either route. (Psst…you will learn more by teaching.)


virgo astrology

Virgo: The last year has brought you so much, dear Virgo.  In fact, many areas of your life have gone through a large scale improvement.  As 2017 commences, you’re going to be feeling pretty blessed overall. Your 2nd house of money is happy indeed with lucky Jupiter travelling through it for most of the year.  This mean you’re going to see some significant gains. That could be through a raise, promotion, or killer business venture.  Your income could take a huge leap!  One thing to watch out for though: there is a hard angle with transformative Pluto in your 5th house of gambling.  Which means: you can make a lot of money but you want to avoid risky shit as much as you can.  Sock away that extra cash and resist the temptation to splurge on crap you don’t need or get-rich-quick stuff.  (Do you really need those Gucci loafers?  Probably not.) Serious Saturn is still in your home sector, which means you may be doing a lot of work around the home. Whether that be through decluttering or fixing problems, as the year progresses, you should see most of those issues coming to a close.  Your nest is getting set up right – and your home life may be more stable than it’s been in a long time.  In October, Jupiter will move into your 3rd house, which is amazing for short journeys and positive thinking.  It’s also baller for ideas. Your creativity will be at a peak for a full year, which means it’s a good time to write that book, yo (or any creative thing really).  Make a note on December 19th when serious Saturn heads into your romantic sector.  If you’re ready to call it quits or settle down and start a family, the next two years will help you to do just that.

The Hanged Man: don’t push. Instead, chill a bit. Trust that the Universe is sorting everything out on your behalf.


libra astrology

Libra:  This is such a good year for you, dear Libra.  After all, fortunate Jupiter is in your sign all the way until October.  This is going to give you extra kapow in every area of your life plus a huge dose of confidence to boot.  Your charm is at an all time high and you’ll be able to work that to your advantage.  Except when it comes to your family.  A hard angle with Pluto means that they will see right through your schtick – or you’ll see through theirs.  Power struggles with family could be epic this year but if you step back from the drama, everyone will fare better. Most of all, you.  Saturn in your 3rd house of mind indicates that you need to work less on fixing other people and more on fixing your own mindset.  Remember: you can’t change anyone. You can only change yourself.  And that begins with the inside stuff.  This year is perfect for therapy, meditation, or any sort of thing that improves your stinking thinking. School too. Hit the books if you’re bored.  Your mind will thank you! October 10th finds Jupiter leaving your sign but heading straight into your 2nd house of money. This marks a year ahead of financial gain.  Your income may start to see some serious growth, giving you the ability to get the things you want – or to stand on your own two feet.  Saturn will move into your 4th house on December 19th, which means it’s time to start thinking about what home means to you.  If you own a home, the next two years might find you doing loads of fixing or renovating.  If you’re thinking about buying one, this is not a bad period for purchasing one but you’ll want to be careful that you don’t end up with a money pit.  Saturn here is also favorable for working on family issues provided you take responsibility for your end of things and don’t point all the fingers at everyone else.

Strength: life is challenging but you’ve got the stones to get through the hard parts. Toughen up a bit.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: As the year begins, your best stuff is flowering in secret. That’s okay, you don’t mind. In fact, you prefer it that way.  With Jupiter in the 12th, you can hibernate as much as you want – until October.  More on that in a minute.  Just know that the year is pretty chill and you’re at your happiest when working behind the scenes or meditating in some spiritual retreat, high in the mountains and away from the mundane crap.  At times, you may find yourself struggling with this.  That hard Jupiter Pluto square may make you wonder if you should be out there more.  Trust me, there’s plenty of time for that later.  You don’t have to push at all.  Rest up and don’t explain your need for privacy to anyone. Stoic Saturn is demanding that you pay attention to your finances all year long.  Which means: budget, budget, budget.  Fortunately for you, you’ve gotten good at this sort of thing in the last year.  You may find it easier to manage your money in 2017 because now you’ve got that down to your own science, my friend.  On October 10th, Jupiter will move into your sign – which means you’ve got a fabulous year ahead!  This is the year of YOU, dear Scorpio and as 2018 unfolds, you’re going to see many good things happening. Your luck is about to skyrocket in every single way, and you should see major improvements in every area of your life.  Better yet, pesky Saturn will be out of your money sector on December 19th.  Finally, you start to see some relief ahead.  In fact, some of your best money stuff will be happening in 2018.  End 2017 on a quiet note and get ready to roar in 2018!

The Devil: indulge in your passions but do watch that your obsessions don’t take over.  Do not invite trouble in.  Keep the ne’er do wells out of your lair.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: 2017 will be bringing a bit more fun into your life, dear Sagittarius.  That’s because your ruling planet, Jupiter, is holding court in your 11th house of friends and goals. Your social circle may be expanding and this year could find you enjoying immense popularity.  Everybody wants to hang with you – and why wouldn’t they?  You always bring the party wherever you go.  That hasn’t always been easy because hard taskmaster Saturn has been doing it’s best to make you work hard on yourself the last year.  It’s still doing just that so expect self improvement to be a big theme for much of the year.  With Saturn in your sign, you’ll want to look at where you still need room for improvement.  It’s also important for you to think about what you want your life to look like.  What goals do you want to set for the next chapter? How do you want to show up in the world? What things or people do you want to release?  Continue questioning and doing the work.  This is your time to define yourself and your life on YOUR terms.  On October 10th, Jupiter will head into your 12th house, which is ideal for meditation and soul work. Feel free to step off the social calendar if you want.  You don’t have to explain that to anyone.  Instead, let the year ahead be restful.  No pushing, please.  You’ve done enough. You’ll be singing a happy tune when Saturn finally gets off your ass in December after two long years in your sign.  It’s going into your 2nd house of money, which means the next two years ahead requires strict money management. Set your budget up before 2018 starts – and you’ll be prepared like a girl scout. Responsibility with cash flow has never looked so hot!

Three of Cups: Saturn is leaving your sign this year!  Celebrate!  Life’s about to get even more awesome!  In the meantime, hang out with your pals more


capricorn astrology

Capricorn:  Your career will blossom this year, dear Capricorn. That’s because fortunate Jupiter is sitting high in your 10th house of career.  This will give you mega opportunities to expand your career to new heights!  Get your ambition on and go for the brass ring!  This is your year to claim your place on the main stage with zero apologies.  Face it, you belong there.  Capricorns are boss material and this year will open the doors for you to be just that.  One thing to be mindful of: you’ll want to bring a huge dose of humility with that ambition.  With a tough Jupiter Pluto square for much of the year, this is not the time to get Monty Burns greedy or vicious.  In other words, you don’t have to be a jerk to get to the top.  If you are going the nasty route, you could undo the good fortune that this year offers.  Keep yourself in check and play nice.  Saturn in your 12th house has been giving you ample opportunities to work on your hangups and vices.  That vibe is lingering around for most of 2017 – so if you find yourself leaning towards your less-than-stellar tendencies, catch it and heal it.  This is also a good time to make peace with the past once and for all. Carrying grudges will serve nothing. The more you let go, the lighter and brighter you become.  You’re clearing the slate for bigger things so don’t hold on to the petty.  October finds you moving in new social circles. That’s because lucky Jupiter will be moving into your 11th house.  This brings a year of increased social activities and new friendships.  You might even have a bit more fun.  Saturn will cross into your sign on December 19th. Saturn is happy here for it rules Capricorn.  If you’ve been truly working on yourself for the last two years, the next two could be a time of personal growth and new success. This is the beginning of a whole new you – and the opportunity to get it right.  Aim high and bring the best you forward in 2018. Be the example of what is possible.

Wheel of Fortune: what goes down must go up.  A cycle is coming to a close and a new, juicy one will replace it. Your luck is turning.



Aquarius: It’s time to expand your horizons, dear Aquarius!  With Jupiter hanging in your 9th house of travel and higher education for most of 2017, hit the road or the books.  Indulge your wanderlust as often as you can – see how the other half lives and you might just come away with a whole new philosophy on how you want to live. Just be mindful of those pesky Mercury retrograde dates – they could thrown a monkey wrench into your travel plans! If you are thinking of entering a university or ashram, this is your year to do it. Seek knowledge, both intellectual and spiritual.  It’s all good. Jupiter will be in a hard angle to transiting Pluto so there may be times where you need to be alone.  Meditation and quiet pursuits will soothe you on those restless moments when you’ve had your fill of the world.  This will become more essential when Saturn moves in your 12th house late in the year (more on that in a sec).  Currently, Saturn is finishing up its tour of your friendship sector.  The last year has proven challenging at times with your buddies.  You may have lost a few or perhaps you’ve all just gotten too busy with life. 2016 also gave you the opportunity to solidify some important connections and 2017 will offer the same.  This year is fantastic for professional friendships and group activities, especially if you assume the role of a leader.  You’ve got the ability to inspire others – take the helm and lead your team to victory.  This year may also find you hanging out with older peeps or renewing friendships with old pals.  Either way, old is in.  On October 10th, expansive Jupiter heads into your 10th house of career and honors. This is going to be one of the best periods for your career.  In fact, the twelve months that follow could put you in the limelight like never before!  Recognition and new opportunities will be coming in left and right. You can advance your career by big leaps.  Serious Saturn will leave your house of friendships on December 19th and slide into your 12th house of solitude and healing. This means that while your star is rising in 2018, you’ll also need plenty of rest and “me” time. Meditation, mysticism, and spiritual retreats will serve you well.  Much of 2017 is about an outer journey.  2018’s theme will be the inner journey while being public. (Mark August 7th on your calendar – an eclipse in your sign can signal big changes. Where do you need to initiate or accept change?)

Two of Wands: make your plans for world domination! Travel far and light, think big and bright.


pisces astrology

Pisces: Hard working Saturn has been doing you some big favors in the last year, dear Pisces.  It’s been sitting high in your 10th house of career, the most blessed place for it to be.  You’ve been achieving goals and getting more of the recognition you deserve in 2016 and that trend will continue this year as well.  Even if you haven’t received acclaim for your efforts, you still have another good year to kick ass and grab that brass ring. Set your sights on your goals and work like you mean it.  Ambition looks good on ya!  Happy Jupiter is traveling through your 8th house of intuition and joint finances.  Your sixth sense will be uncannily accurate for most of the year.  It’s not just this Jupiter thing – dreamy Neptune, your ruler, is also in your sign at this time.  This amps up your psychic side – pay attention to hunches and dreams.  They will not fail you.  You may be luckier than usual in financial matters as well. You’ll be a money magnet – but you’ll also find that it may bring about some ugliness with friendships.  A hard angle between Jupiter and Pluto means that not everyone will be happy for your success.  Some of your pals may be threatened or jealous. If your BFF suddenly goes MIA when you hit a new level, it may be time to reevaluate that relationship.  The real friends will show up to support you.  Keep those ones close and feel free to untangle yourself from anyone who doesn’t dig your awesome. This is going to be especially important when Saturn moves into your friendship sector on December 19th, where it’s going to sit for about two years.  During this transit, all of your friendships will be under the microscope.  You’ll need to figure out who stays…and who goes.  This year is a preview of the work you need to do in the coming years to weed out the true pals from the frenemies. On October 10th, Jupiter will head into your 9th house of travel, which means the year ahead will be ideal for adventures! Hit the road, jack, but please come back. (Psst keep an eye on those Mercury retrograde dates in might want to stick closer to home then. Also mark February 26th on your calendar – an eclipse in your sign could signal a shake up.)

Four of Cups: you don’t have to put up with anything that you don’t want. Reject the crap and only accept the good stuff.



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